Morning Tea by Serge N. Kozintsev

Scott Pommier x FLAUNT Magazine

Director: Scott Pommier
Director of Photography: Greg Hunt
Music: Arjan Miranda
Producer: Whitney Staples
Stylists: JAK
Hair: Tara-Jean Mann
Makeup: Miriam Vukich
Assistants: Jack Belli, Anthony Allison


Rodarte Spring Summer 2015

Burberry Prorsum Womenswear S/S15

The Birds and The Bees - a runway collection featuring vintage book cover prints, British flowers and insects. Fabrics include gabardine, denim, silk and cobweb tulle in vibrant colours and floral hues.

Jason Paul Arcade Run - Freerunning in 8bit

The Set-Up in which Jason Paul and Team Farang are performing their run is simply awesome. The scenery is built in the look and feel of a 2D video game and reminds of legendary arcade games. Jason Paul needs to find the way out of a Maya temple, has to fight Ninjas before he finds his way over sketchy roof tops to the spot of the big show down: The fight against the final opponent, the end boss. Game over! Winner: Jason Paul.


Henrik Vibskov SS15 Copenhagen Fashion Week

Kasper Bjørke ft. Jaakko Eino Kalevi - TNR

The Nordic Pairing’s Dark Disco Fuels a Luminous Imagination

Neon waves of post-punk disco ebb and flow over homages to 1980s screen classics in the video for “TNR” by Kasper Bjørke featuring Jaakko Eino Kalevi. “I have always been a sucker for producers like Vangelis and Giorgio Moroder, who both made brilliant soundtracks to some of my favorite movies around that time,” says Danish artist Bjørke. “I was lucky to work with my dear friend Kurt Uenala, who co-wrote the latest Depeche Mode album and that had an influence on the overall sound.” Finnish pop experimentalist Kalevi’s androgynous vocal haunts the shadowy club track, taken from Bjørke’s forthcoming album, After Forever. “I think that Jaakko is one of the most interesting acts to come out of the Nordic countries in a long time,” says Bjørke, who enlisted Amsterdam’s Alpaca Animations to conjure visuals pooled from Miami Vice and Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” video among other references. “It turned out though that both Kasper and us were big fans of David Hockney and Tron,” explain Alpaca’s founders, David Lamain and Martine Rademakers of the roots of the video’s inspiration. “We took big felt pens and started drawing; the camera captured the ink leaking through the paper, and we combined it with stop-motion and puppet elements.


The Spirit of BACARDÍ — A Graphic Novel

Graphic novel legends Warren Ellis and Michael Allred join forces for the first time, to turn the BACARDÍ family story into an exclusive graphic novel.


L’Agent by Agent Provocateur – AW14 Campaign Video

For AW14 L’Agent by AP is the lost explorer’s sparkling mirage of everything he’d ever dreamt of - and more. Watch the AW14 Campaign video directed by and starring Penelope Cruz.


WWAW014 ' Heroes'

A presentation of the Wood Wood Autumn / Winter 2014.

The Secret Garden: Ford Ranch

Nestled in a mountain canyon where Hemingway spent his summers, Queen Elizabeth II popped by to visit friends, and rodeo is still a main event, lies the cultivated oasis of Ford Ranch. Acquired by Joan F. Wallick and Robert L. Wallick Sr. in 1968, the sprawling Wyoming residence is captured by director Albert Moya for NOWNESS’s weekly Great Gardens series. “I was inspired by meeting the kind of dreamer who has, and still is, working on making her stories real,” says the filmmaker of Ms Wallick, an accomplished pilot whose obsessive passion for collecting spans insects, Christmas ornaments (32,656), and over 400 varieties of plants in 35 acres. It’s a marvel to discover radiant blue delphinium spires, hundreds of hostas and the apothecary rose Rosa gallica officinalis blooming alongside the grave of Wallick’s late wolf, Eeyore (winters dip to -30 and summers experience 100 degree heat punctuated by huge thunderstorms). “Part of the joy of gardening lies in the challenge of this environment,” explains Wallick, who has built fences to keep the mountain lions, bears and deer at bay, enabling her manicured paradise to flourish. “I’ve got the urge to plant one of everything and see what it looks like,” she adds. “But that’s for next year.”


Avec SS15 "Persian (D)rugs"

"Imagination is a magic carpet, upon which we may soar, to distant lands and climes and even go beyond the moon to any planet in the sky. If we came from nowhere here, why can’t we go somewhere there?"

Forest & Bird - NZ on the Block

Wild and treasured places of New Zealand are being opened up to gas and oil drilling, mining and logging as the government ignores warnings of climate change, and seeks to advance an economic agenda that harms, rather than protects.

The government is currently selling exploitation rights to 925,200 hectares of conservation and private land, and more than 39 million hectares of ocean, through an international tender process.

The New Zealand we all want to live in is one where our coastline is home to a network of marine reserves; our rivers are unpolluted and safe for swimming; and our conservation land is protected as a home for our threatened and rare species; not as a resource to be plundered.

via Forest and Bird



Disciplines of Dressing

DISCIPLINES OF DRESSING is a series of short films presenting the sartorial standards of ART COMES FIRST. Founded by Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, ACF is a network of craftsman, artisans and designers that collaborate on creative sartorial endeavours. In these films we gain an insight into the ideas that drive Lambert & Maidoh and are offered a window into the rigour and inspiration behind the ACF aesthetic. Each episode explores a relationship between key parts of the wardrobe and the ACF approach to styling them on the body.

produced by
directed by
Ummar & Kazim Rashid
shot & edited by
Hamish Stephenson
original music
‘Style’ by Seven Davies Jr
Featuring Sam Lambert & Shaka Maidoh of


Marc by Marc Jacobs: Mens Spring 2015

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Men's Spring/Summer 2015 collection ventures into a period of juvenile prosperity. Influenced by summer festivals and raves, he travels on his journey of self-discovery. Highlights of the collection include hand woven indian ikats, bleached out tribal printed indigos, lurex embroidery, patchwork floral and foulards, color blocked neoprene, and hazy printed silk prints.


RRL Riders Tour Paris 2014

Ralph Lauren RRL, Ralph Lauren's brand founded in 1993 offering a mix of selvage denim, vintage apparel and accessories and cool, rugged sportswear with roots in workwear and military gear and Blitz motorcycles, a Paris-based custom garage founded by Fred Jourden and Hugo Jezegabel in 2010, that conceives, customises and hand finishes motorcycles to create unique, one-of-a-kind machines, Presented The Ralph Lauren RRL Riders Tour in Paris.

On Sunday, May 25th ran the first custom motorcycles ride around the RRL universe. 200 motorcycles rode on 99kms, with a departure from Paris, and during 3 hours, paraded and popped in at The Dampierre Castle , La Vallée de Chevreuse, and Versailles, and ended in front of the Ralph Lauren flagship store, boulevard St Germain. There, the RRL vintage universe welcomed all these beautiful 2-wheels pieces of machinery fanatics in a cool and authentic American ambience. The St Germain boulevard became a huge luxury garage, where all the participants gathered, and benefited from the "Bike Clinic" for cares and polishings.

This tour was proposed to all the custom motorcycles passionnates, through a registration on the dedicated website www.rrlriders.com, which selected the most beautiful motorcycled, eligible to compete and make this event the rendez-vous of the year.

Monocle: Quality of Life Cities (2014)

Monocle takes a cinematic look at the top cities in our 2014 Quality of Life Survey. We spotlight Copenhagen at number one, Tokyo as our top Asian city and Vancouver leading the way in North America.

Video Journalist: Gabriel Leigh 
Camera operators: Alison Withers (Vancouver), Richard Grehan (Tokyo), Jakob Ohrt Nielsen (Copenhagen)



For its second short film, french brand sansnom. decided to take a step further into the sportswear dynamic by portraying the journey of two completely different lives and men reunited under the same values : Ambition,Competitivity and Passion.
The short film is dissected in 3 different parts and times that reflects each values.
You will be able to catch the mental preparation and the mindset of each characters at the beginning of the film that shows how focus theses characters are on what they want to accomplish. Following this is the performance, based upon the idea that with competitivity and sport you are forced to push the boundaries and limits of your assets and weakness no matter your age or the level you play or the team you play for. At the end of the story, it's just about the passion for the game you play, the climax the stress and here also, it's not about your skills and your level it's about what you want to do on the field for your team.
sansnom. is a french brand that makes timeless clothing with a sportswear vision.


Every Day is Day One - Samsung - ASP - Surf

Samsung Mobile is proud to be the first global partner of the ASP, together they celebrate the growth of surfing worldwide and remind us that out on the waves, every day is day one.

The film launches with the 2014 US leg of the ASP World Tour, featuring pro-surfers Kelly Slater, Stephanie Gilmore, Gabriel Medina, Mitch Crews and Johanne Defay.

The first time you hold a surfboard, the first time you ride a wave, the first time you get barreled, the first time you win a world title.

It doesn't matter where you are from or how good you are. Every day is day one.

White Trash Bruschetta and Henny Wings: Fuck, That's Delicious (Episode 3)

Action Bronson often tours the UK, so it was only a matter of time before an episode of Fuck, That’s Delicious descended upon dear Old Blighty. Mr. Wonderful hit the London streets to expose himself to the culinary masses, from eating piping hot char siu bao (steamed Chinese barbecue pork buns) in London’s Chinatown at Kowloon Restaurant, grilled “Michael Jackson” lamb chops at Lahore Kebab House, to Liverpool’s beloved meat stew, scouse, at Maggie Mae’s.


Camera\Edit\Sound: Dima Tskhay
Art Directors: Loginov Anton, Aksenteva Maria
Models: Katya Vorontsova, Armand Vignon, Nikita Toropov, Eudocia Rudenko & Nadezhda Zaitseva
Arthur Kreytor, Sofia Aleandrova, Ekaterina Radjabova, Sergey Tractor
Special Thanks: Nadia Konovalova, Alexey Alexandrov, Kirill Malomalskiy, Anton Makushin, Doris David, Silvere Kobea, Roma Chesnokov, Marina Toropova, Viktor Pavlov & dog Volt
Music: Two step from hell
Shot on Canon 5D Mark III (Magic Lantern RAW) , 64gb Komputerbay 1000x CF

Cruel Summer

Once again Hotel 1171’s Brett Baldwin and Artist/Director Charles Bergquist have teamed up to create the visual short “Cruel Summer” featuring Cassy Gerasimova.
Hotel 1171 purposely created this visual without promoting a particular product or collection, simply a branded piece inspired by our favorite season in California “Summer”. It’s about much more than just apparel and products for us at Hotel 1171, it’s about creative freedom and doing what you love. Not everything needs a story…


Prada Fall/Winter 2014 Men's Advertising Campaign: Behind The Scenes

Prada presents the 'Behind the Scenes' video of its Fall/Winter 2014 Menswear Campaign.
McAvoy's theatre is formed of concrete and stone, the austere landscape shot in black and grey, an homage to the German avant-garde. Concrete staircases, stone paving and a rocky coast swept by a grey sea bring a certainty and magnitude to the atmosphere of the photographs. Against this backdrop Leibovitz and McAvoy interpret the Prada man a play of multiple acts.
The dramatic effect is an experimental narrative of bold and exceptional individuality.

Starring: James McAvoy
Photography: Annie Leibovitz


Meet the Maker: Mark McNairy

For the 14th event in our Meet the Maker series, we hosted influential menswear designer Mark McNairy in our Richmond, VA store. To mark the special occasion, we filmed Mark in his Garment District factory and talked with him about the inspiration behind his designs and the ever-changing nature of the menswear market. Video by Duncan Wolfe.

uniform experiment 2014-2015 A/W

Directed by Ryoji Kamiyama for SOPH.co.,ltd.


An updated idea of the Lanvin icon of mother and daughter.
Edie Campbell and her Family romp away sharing their intimate family moments in stylish fun.
It's a family affair

Photographer: Tim Walker
Creative Direction: House and Holme, Ronnie Newhouse and Stephen Wolstenholme
Filmed and Edited by Guy Stephens
Stylist: Jacob K
Hair: Malcolm Edwards
Make-Up: Lucia Pieroni
Set Design: Emma Roach


Horns, trailer

In the aftermath of his girlfriend's mysterious death, a young man awakens to strange horns sprouting from his temples.

Directed by Alexandre Aja
Cast with Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple, Joe Anderson, Sabrina Carpenter, Heather Graham, James Remar

Iconic Houses

A two-minute animated voyage through some of the most iconic masterpices of modern architecture:
Ville Savoye by Le Corbusier, Rietveld Schröder House by Gerrit Rietveld, Farnsworth House by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Glass House by Philip Johnson and Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright. Illustration, animation and music by Matteo Muci.


98% Human

Mill+ NY has teamed up with BBDO NY and PETA to create an astonishing and groundbreaking new spot "98% Human".

"98% Human" is part of PETA's commitment to stop primates being used within the entertainment industries as actors. The Mill+ team, alongside BBDO NY, embarked on an incredibly ambitious journey to create a truly photo-real and completely life-like chimpanzee.

The spot focuses on the use of primates and is part of PETA's campaign "The Great Ape Pledge" which drives viewers to the newly developed microsite www.greatapepledge.org where they can register to take the pledge and stop the use of primates as actors.

"98% Human" is a fully integrated campaign that is set to galvanize the creative industries into pledging to stop the use of primates as actors, companies already taking the pledge including BBDO NY and The Mill Group.

The Mill+ team was lead by animation director Angus Kneale and he explains some of the complexities and new techniques Mill+ created to bring the photo-real chimpanzee to life.

"This was one of the most exciting and challenging projects I've ever worked on. Crafting PETA "98% Human" was more than about creating a totally believable, photo-real CG Chimp. It was about establishing an emotional connection and empathy with the audience. In the past we would have used motion capture and mapped a human actor's performance directly onto the CG character but we wanted to approach this project in a different way, so we decided to rely on the skill of our animators for the final chimp performances, only using an actor for previs.

"We pushed computer graphics imagery to a new level creating bespoke technology in muscle and skin simulation, higher than any other project or film to date. We achieved this by developing new techniques from simulated bloodstreams, skin tension and even individual pores at the base of every hair on the chimpanzee, all with the aim to create a creature that is practically indistinguishable from his flesh and blood counterpart".

"98% Human" is a collaboration between the BBDO NY creative team lead by Toygar Bazarkaya and Mill+ NY and the spot demonstrates the partnership between creativity and technology by delivering on PETA's powerful message that you do not need to use live primates as actors, now that we can create fully life-like, photo-real primates.

Take a look and take the pledge!


Jumper' is a short film written and directed by Justin Anderson, It tells the story of a bourgeois European family whose lives are invaded by an enigmatic visitor. Set within a 20th century modern villa in Spain, his presence creates an unnerving effect. The film was produced to coincide with the the 10 year anniversary of British fashion designer, Jonathan Saunders. Jonathan is incredibly passionate about film and it often serves as a starting point for a collection, in this instance the collection was the starting point for the film.
Inspired by the 1968 Pasolini's film ‘Teorema’ - Justin’s film focuses on a middle class family of four, who’s lives are all individually connected to the mysterious visitor.

Joseph Menswear SS15


無印良品:MUJI to Sleep

SOPHNET. 2014-2015 A/W

SOPHNET. 2014-2015 A/W VIDEO
MASAH I tsuji management

Perfume Genius - Queen (video)

Directed by SSION.


Simian Mobile Disco - Tangents

"Tangents" by Simian Mobile Disco from the album 'Whorl,' available September 9th

Directed by Hans Lo and Jack Featherstone
Technology by Artists & Engineers

Abductions and Torture in Eastern Ukraine

Amnesty International has gathered graphic and compelling evidence of savage beatings and other torture meted out against activists, protesters and journalists in eastern Ukraine over the last three months.

'Abductions and Torture in Eastern Ukraine' documents allegations perpetrated by separatist armed groups and pro-Kyiv forces.

There are no comprehensive or reliable figures on the number of abductions, but the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior has reported nearly 500 cases between April and June 2014. The UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission for Ukraine has recorded 222 cases of abduction in the last three months.

Happy Socks x Snoop Dogg

Happy Socks presents "The Art of Inspiration" in collaboration with artist Snoop Dogg.


Perfume Genius - Queen

Queen' is the first single taken from the upcoming album 'Too Bright'. Released on 22nd Sept.

Forest Man

Since the 1970's Majuli islander Jadav Payeng has been planting trees in order to save his island. To date he has single handedly planted a forest larger than Central Park NYC. His forest has transformed what was once a barren wasteland, into a lush oasis.

Humble yet passionate and philosophical about his work. Payeng takes us on a journey into his incredible forest.


Visionaries: Matt Lambert

Director and Dazed Visionary Matt Lambert is looking for forward-thinking and sexually open-minded couples/relationships to share their stories. Made in collaboration with Dazed, Iconoclast and a major television network, this ongoing global film and photography project will tackle modern sexual relationships. But it takes two (or three) to tango, so click here to answer a few questions and have the chance of being featured in what will be a major landmark series that looks to redefine youth sexuality in a digital age. Applicants MUST be based in the UK or Germany and be at least 18 years of age.

#1. Heile Gänsje
A landmark portrait of Berlin youth, sexuality and identity from Dazed and Channel 4

#2: Profile I: Kevin
Matt Lambert's portraits of 21st century sex continue with a no-holds-barred insight into a real-life camboy

#3: Profile II – Kurt
A surreal look into the life of a sexual-digital polymath

#4: Profile III – Jaxon
An exploration behind the camera and virtual identity of a rising, modern day porn star

#5: La Jetée
A radical re-imagining of French auteur Chris Marker's masterpiece in association with Arte Creative

#6: Daylight
An experimental, explicit art film to end Matt Lambert's week of sex and video in 2013


In April of 2014, Levi's® Skateboarding joined Bolivian skater Milton Arellano in reuniting with the endboss projects crew from Hannover, along with over a 100 skateboarders and builders from around the world, to build a public skatepark in La Paz, Bolivia. See professional skateboarders Marius Syvanen, David Gravette, Josh Matthews, Joey Pepper, Chet Childress, and Al Partanen live, work, and skate the Pura Pura skatepark three miles up in the sky.

Directed by Simon Weyhe
Assistant Director: Mathias Nyholm Schmidt
Produced by Levi's Skateboarding®
Cinematography by Simon Weyhe & Mathias Nyholm Schmidt
Additional Camera by Kasper Hornbek Nielsen & Milton Arellano
Edited by Simon Weyhe
Additional Editing by Mathias Nyholm Schmidt
Music by Anders Christophersen, WSLS Records


Chelsea Bravo X Kojey Radical "THE GARDENER" Capsule Collection #DEARDAISY

Contemporary menswear designer chelsea bravo partners up with poet/mixed media artist kojey radical to create a crisp, detailed experimental one of a kind capsule collection.
based on painters canvas & garden utilitarian workwear chelsea bravo combines unconventional tailoring with unique shapes choosing a neutral colour palette of off white premium canvas and calico in conjunction with patch work embroidery for added detail and interior embellishment.
key pieces come in the form of an aesthetically minimal while intricately detailed quilted zipped gilet and a one of a kind padded vest jumper painted by hand by kojey radical.
the collaboration coincides with kojey radical’s highly anticipated debut ep dear daisy : opium bringing to life the attire of the ep’s main character the gardener.
the collection was shot by noah leroy and filmed by award winning creative collective the rest. initially made only for studio archives the garments are all one of a kind and extremely limited.

Olaf Hussein Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam


Zoo Jeans is an initiative of the Mineko Club volunteer group of the zoo supporters lunched in collaboration with Kamine Zoo in Hitachi City with the goal of revivifying the local zoo.


Flaming Lips, Miley Cyrus and Moby in Blonde SuperFreak Steals the Magic Brain

"The video story is something like this: Moby is an evil, power-hungry cult leader. He wants the world's most valuable (according to our story) psychedelic supernatural possession... John F. Kennedy's brain....the brain contains the original formula for the drug LSD!!!
Miley Cyrus has the magic brain!!! And Moby enlists a nympho Manson girl-type blonde superfreak to go steel the brain from Cyrus.
She steals the brain from Cyrus while Cyrus is still in bed in a drug-induced coma. Cyrus finally wakes up and is mega-pissed that her BRAIN has been stolen. She enlists a burned-faced Santa and a lesbian Bigfoot ( that are hovering in a nearby spaceship) to hunt down the blond superfreak that stole her brain. They have a relentless pursuit, all the while Cyrus laments the loss of her magic brain and Moby gains powerful rainbows from hell. In the end, the blond superfreak kills Santa and Bigfoot and a baby mole ends up with the brain…" 
Oh yeah. And the Flaming Lips are disguised as rainbows, mushrooms and flowers watching from the sky room where a giant diamond explosion happens."

Flaming Lips and Miles Cyrus performing Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds at the Billboard Music Awards

via Rolling Stone

Dior couture Autumn-Winter 2014-15 fashion show

Lucian Freud

Born in Berlin, he moved with his family to St John's Wood, London, in 1933 to escape the rise of Nazism. 

"I paint people, not because of what they are like, not exactly in spite of what they are like, but how they happen to be."


Freunde von Freunden - Karen & Christian Boros

In the Boros residence – a former Second World War air raid shelter built in 1942 in central Berlin – visitors can easily lose their way in the maze-like corridors of bare concrete.
There, Christian and his wife, Karen, live with their son amidst paintings by Elizabeth Peyton and a series of installations by groundbreaking artists such as Olafur Eliasson. It is a dream home that once seemed impossible to realize, but has now become an art manifesto for Berlin’s historical Mitte district, where change is the norm.

Video by Christian Fussenegger and Maren Sextro

Nothing Lasts Forever (1984)

An artist fails a test and is required to direct traffic in New York City's Holland Tunnel. He winds up falling in love with a beautiful woman, who takes him to the moon on a Lunar Cruiser.

Directed by Tom Schiller
Cast with Zach Galligan, Apollonia van Ravenstein, Lauren Tom, Sam Jaffe, Paul Rogers, Bill Murray


Junya Watanabe Spring Summer 2015

Levi's® Commuter: The Ride - Trailer

"A bike is liberating. It's freedom...It's the places you go, the people you meet, the things you do. How to get there is up to you." Enjoy the ride. 

Trailer for a series of three short films featuring the rides of poet James Massiah (London), designer Kyle Garner (Brooklyn), and Scraper Bikes Movement founder, Tyrone Stevenson, Jr. (Oakland, CA).


Work Relation 2014 - A film by Marina Abramović, in collaboration with adidas

Adidas teams with performance art icon Marina Abramović for a collaborative film project celebrating the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil.

Adidas presents its collaboration with performance artist Marina Abramović, unveiling an original, short video celebrating the brand's partnership and support of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil. The three-minute film captures the first ever re-staging of Abramović's iconic 1970s performance "Work Relation"—which focuses on commitment, teamwork and the strength found in togetherness—reimagined through the lens of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. This marks adidas and Abramović's first project together and demonstrates the many parallels that exist between the artist's piece and the play of any team sport.

First performed in 1978 by Abramović and her partner at the time Ulay, the original "Work Relation" was a groundbreaking form of performance art unveiled at the Theatre ann Rijn in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The original piece--seen reenacted in this film for the first time since 1979—consisted of three sequences, each presenting a unique model for transporting stones from one end of a room to another. Using only buckets and human labor, the three models compare and contrast systems of cooperation and efficiency, with the participants' bodies serving as the medium.

The 2014 execution of Abramović's "Work Relation" revisits these same themes of the original, while also paying tribute to adidas' partnership with the 2014 FIFA World Cup. In the reenacted piece, eleven performers from varying walks of life reference the total members of a soccer/football team. Together, the performers harness the fundamental principles of the sports world - teamwork, discipline and perseverance --to once again transport stones from one side of the room to the other.

The resulting performance conjures the ethos of adidas and the spirit of collaboration inherent to a global competition like the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil.

Based on the original "Work Relation" by Marina Abramović and Ulay, 1978

Creative Director: Marco Brambilla
Director: Dustin Lynn
Director of Photography: John Schmidt
Editor: Akiko Iwakawa
Audio Mix: Elizabeth McClanahan
Music: Dustin Lynn

Location: Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, New York

Produced by Subject

In association with the Marina Abramović Institute + Adidas

Giuliano Argenziano
Victoria Velasco
Billy Zhao
Paula Garcia
Allison Brainard
Thomas Kelly
Hugo Huerta
Serge Le Borgne
Noah Blumenson-Coook
Rebecca Davis
Maria Herranz


Portuguese Flannel aw14.15

The Unfinished Road is a journey to a warm and cosy lodge in a thrilling mountain. Along your way you will encounter creatures of the wild, the forest's looming trees and, finally, the warmth of a hut with a fireplace.

6115 Stone Island_Autumn Winter '014'015

Fall-Winter 2014/15 Haute Couture CHANEL Show

Full film of the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2014/15 Haute Couture fashion show that took place on July 8th, 2014 at the Grand Palais in Paris.

3Destruct and the cathedral of concrete

3Destruct an audiovisual installation by Yannick Jacquet, Jeremie Peeters, Thomas Vaquié
Filmed at Kraftwerk Berlin / Berlin Atonal Festival / Berlin / Germany, July 2013 Visuals:
Management & production: Antivj, Nicolas Boritch


Marissa Nadler - Firecrackers

From the album July out on Bella Union and Sacred Bones Records
Video directed and edited by Ryan Hamilton Walsh

The Next Black - A film about the Future of Clothing

'The Next Black' is a documentary film that explores the future of clothing. Watch as we meet with some of the most innovative companies on the planet to get their opinion on clothing and its future, including: heroes of sustainability, Patagonia; tech-clothing giants, Studio XO; sportswear icon, adidas; and Biocouture, a consultancy exploring living organisms to grow clothing and accessories.

Fireworks filmed with a drone


AMI Alexandre Mattiussi Spring Summer 2015

KENZO Fall-Winter 2014 Campaign by TOILETPAPER

The KENZO Fall-Winter 2014 campaign takes us on a mysterious journey to an unfamiliar world. A place where the ordinary is slightly distorted, mirrors lead to other dimensions, and the strange and beautiful coexist in singular harmony.

Born of the inspirations for the fall collections, David Lynch and his oeuvre, the advertising presents the KENZO collections for Men, Women, Kids and Accessories. Each image depicts a jarring cinematic scenario, all of which were contrived by KENZO's creative directors, Carol Lim & Humberto Leon in collaboration with TOILETPAPER Magazine's creatives, Maurizio Cattelan, Pierpaolo Ferrari and Micol Talso. This is the third occasion the creative fivesome have worked together on a KENZO campaign, having previously come together for the Fall 2013 and Spring-Summer 2014 collections. Where once in the image it was the protagonists dictating the mood, herein lies a world where the subjects are trying to find their way through unknown territory.

Known for their unique and playful take on the eccentric, the TOILETPAPER team brings the viewer on another perplexing exploration into the parisian fashion houses collections, this time with the help of models Guinevere Van Seenus and Robert McKinnon.

"This being our third collaboration, we were interested in figuring out ways to evolve the past concepts into something that felt different but still in the spirit of both KENZO and TOILETPAPER. Since the collection was inspired by David Lynch, it was natural for us to incorporate some of the emotions we experience when seeing his work."
Carol Lim

"Guinevere really feels like a woman who could live in David Lynch's world and could emulate the range of charactor one could see in his movies. We loved how she plays on the subtly ambiguous relationship with robert. It's part of the process of trying to discern what's really going on."
Humberto Leon



Considered as one of the best surfers in the world, Dane Reynolds is the embodiment of a surf revival. An aerial, creative surf without compromise. He may even be the best thing to happen to surfing in the last decade. Desillusion Magazine’s editor in chief Sebastien Zanella followed Dane from Hawaii through to his hometown Ventura in California, to get an true insight of his life away from the spotlight.
The video comes with a full report on Dane Reynolds in the latest issue of Desillusion magazine.


KENZO Men Spring-Summer 2015

As Americans in Paris, we have come to notice what makes the French man different from his global counterparts. His distinguished, irreverent, playful and always sharp style is instantly recognizable, and tends to have an almost instantaneous effect on the millions of men who visit the Gallic community's epicenter each year. For the KENZO Spring/Summer 2015 men's collection we pay homage to the millions of Parisian men whose way of dressing has, over time, inspired the masses to borrow and assimilate the key codes and rites of their wardrobe.
On adore l'homme français!

Carol Lim & Humberto Leon

Music: KENZO is pleased to announce an exclusive collaboration with electronic duo Disclosure for the soundtrack of the men's SS15 show. Their first time partnering with a fashion house, brothers Guy and Howard Laurence have created a never before heard mix to atmosphere the collection designed by Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. KENZO and Disclosure are also teaming up on a project to be revealed at the groups 'Wild Life' shows later in the year.


The story of how a British designer and frame-builder made a one-of-a-kind bicycle for MR PORTER.


Notes of a day

Dior Homme - Notes of a day by Willy Vanderperre

Thomas Bennett

An intimate portraite of my friend Thomas, who lives on the fringes of society.
Director / Editor / Cinematographer - Nathan Honnold


Dries Van Noten Menswear Spring/Summer 2015



Monoïc Records present PEARL (Official video)
Performed, Written and Directed by Juriji der Klee

Juriji der Klee - Delphine Baverel - Anna Tanaka - Célien Favre - Pia Marmier - Yvan Megal - Thymios Fountas - Astrid Bermann Ruiz - Antoine Louis - Max Stofkooper - Jelix Manin.

Set director / Guillaume Kayacan
Camera + DOP / Guillaume Kayacan
Assistant DOP + Lights / Rabah Bouceffa

Styling / Fabien Verriest

Clothes / Maison Martin Margiela - Fabien Verriest - Jean-Paul Lespagnard

Artistic Direction / Juriji der Klee
Artistic Consultation / Fabien Verriest

Drawings / Julie Hoyas

Make-up Artist / Bo Vander S
Hair / Hugo Leblon

Editing + Compositing /Juriji der Klee & Nicolas Soquette

Set Manager / Ana Rivet Jimenez
Set Assistant / Yanni Sarrimavrogenis
Choreographer / Max Stofkooper

Sound Effects / Felix Francotte & Juriji der Klee
Titles / Antoine Louis
Sound-design / Juriji der Klee
Masterizing / Equus

Music written and composed by Juriji der Klee from Broken - EP

In tribute to Gertrude Stein.


Missoni Spring Summer 2015

Missoni by Angela Missoni

PRADA Menswear Spring/Summer 2015

Fury, Trailer

April, 1945. As the Allies make their final push in the European Theatre, a battle-hardened army sergeant named Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) commands a Sherman tank and her five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Outnumbered and outgunned, and with a rookie soldier thrust into their platoon, Wardaddy and his men face overwhelming odds in their heroic attempts to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany.

Directed by David Ayer.
Cast with Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman.


Zegna Couture Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Show by Stefano Pilati

The Ermenegildo Zegna Couture SS 2015 Fashion Show movie directed by Johan Söderberg is an unconventional cut, a different view on the latest spring-summer show designed by Stefano Pilati.

The starting point was architecture then space came along as a word to objectify it.The inspiration is the result of their interaction translated into the origin of functionality to embody the social structures, the business logics. The silhouettes are more evidently defined in their volumes - the space - and in their graphism - the architecture.


Stefano Pilati, concept and creative direction
Johan Söderberg, director and editor
AJ Weissbard, lighting designer
James Murphy, music
Eva Tempelman and Max Brun, executive producers
URBAN production, event producer

Flying Citroen

Swedish artist Jacob Munkhammar has created the Flying Citroen Car Series.


Bottega Veneta Men's Spring-Summer 2015

For Spring-Summer 2015, Bottega Veneta presents a men's collection of ease and grace. While the looks are utterly
relaxed and unrestrictive, the luxurious materials and carefully considered silhouette give the collection its subtle formality.



I gathered acquaintances, friends both casual and close, paired them randomly, put them in a void, and asked them to hit each other in the face. No one was pressured, and everyone was hit as hard as THEY asked to be hit. To go beyond the parody for the full story of what happened, be sure to watch Point of Impact.

This is not a marketing campaign, just me and my friends being real, real dumb.

Jamie xx- All Under One Roof Raving

"I made All Under One Roof Raving whilst on the tail end of another year on the road with The xx. I was missing life in London and trawling through any music and videos that reminded me of home. One in particular I found very inspiring, Mark Leckey's 'Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore. I made this track in order to play out back home as I knew the year to come would be spent largely in the UK, DJing and making my own album. It serves as a reminder, not to take any time for granted at home or away." Jamie xx

John Varvatos Spring/Summer 2015

Baroque ARMY

WUT presents "Baroque ARMY"
2014-2015 Autumn & Winter Fashion Show
~It's Beyond My Control~

The Army Of Fashion is Alive Again!
Drama, Tension, Exuberance, and Grandeur
Mix Sportswear with Couture,
Military Camouflage with Opulent Garments...
It's Beyond Your Control!

MUSIC BY: 1984 1/2
CAMERA BY: Keivan Salehpour, Koki Shinmi
EDITED BY: Keivan Salehpour


Henrik Vibskov: ‘Vibskovski;72’ (Ruttkowski;68, Cologne/Germany)

HENRIK VIBSKOV is a multidisciplinary talent who constantly challenges and expresses his creativity in new ways. He studied fashion design at the renowned London art college Central Saint Martins and graduated cum laude. Back in Denmark, he launched his eponymous fashion label which has become known for its avant-garde collections. Aside from fashion, Vibskov is also an accomplished musician. He plays the drums for Trentemøller. He also designs costumes and sets for music, theatre and opera productions. Earlier this year, he did the costumes for a re-interpretation of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake performed by The Norwegian National Ballet. For Björk's 2015 tour of Medúlla at The Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie in Brussels, he designed both the set and the costumes.
Yet, even with fashion and music keeping him busy, art remains Vibskov's raison d'être - the purest expression of his ideas. His artworks have been shown in museums and galleries worldwide. Vibskovski;72 II, his second exhibition at Ruttkowski;68 gallery, features new photographs, woodcuttings and objects that question our definitions and expectations.

Music: Trentemøller
Edit: Factory Room

June 6, 2014 - July 20, 2014
Bismarckstr. 68
50672 Cologne

Tue-Fri: 15h00 to 20h00
Sat, Sun: 17h00 to 20h00
Mon: closed / by appointment only

Moncler Gamme Bleu Spring Summer 2015

Moncler Gamme Bleu Spring Summer 2015 by Thom Browne.


Durex #DontFakeit

We believe football is much better without the faking! So this summer, we're campaigning for real connections - on AND off the pitch.

Watch this new football film and let us know if you agree - we hope it will have you laughing out loud!

Love, Durex.

WARPAINT - The Chauffeur

WARPAINT "The Chauffeur" (June 17th, 2014; MODERN)

taken from the upcoming LP 'Making Patterns Rhyme: a tribute to DURAN DURAN' (curated by MANIMAL) for the benefit of Amnesty International.


Nulepsy: the pathological need to be nude

An elderly man recounts his life story characterised by the rare, exceptional and inconvenient disease he suffers from.


Well and truly in World Cup mode now, we present our second video editorial from our World Cup series entitled LIAAAAAAAA.
This one features outfits from man of the moment Marcelo Burlon. Lia busts a free kick through in the Atlas T-Shirt while our wall sports full Allover Snake Print getups.
Hats off to Sven Schrader and team SOTO for their work on the video and adidas for providing all the football gear.


Final trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

SHOWstudio: Palmer//Harding S/S 15 - Cacilie Harris

Palmer//Harding have embraced the tension between strength and vulnerability as the design foundation for their S/S 15 offering. Taking their starting point from the combination of functionality and authority found in vintage collegiate uniforms, Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding added a contemporary element to their research, looking at the textures of peeling billboards in their London surroundings.

The resulting collection expresses these polarised qualities and is captured in a film by Cecilie Harris. The casting of olympic gymnast Sam Oldham expresses a juxtaposition of strength and grace that encapsulates the label's vision of modern masculinity, further emphasised by model Oliver Jones' portrayal of 'naive youth liberated in a concrete and steel setting'.

An intentional abrupt beginning and end startles the senses and causes a slight disturbance, leaving the viewer without a definitive end, completely considered but still raw and unfinished; in a way, similar to the designs in the collection.



A Story of Disruption: Narrated by Kevin Spacey

History is full of visionaries who have imagined the impossible, turned it into a reality and disrupted the world around them in the process. By embracing radical new visions, ideas and concepts, these disruptors have been the originators of a new way of thinking, doing and being. They are the revolutionaries of disruptive technology and design.

But disruption isn't limited to history. It is a necessary part of the future. Across the globe people are challenging norms and envisioning a new, superior future for us, all driven by the knowledge that the world can, and will, be made better. They seek inspiration from the most unique and unusual places. They aren't afraid to push the boundaries. They are not defied by limits.

They are Disruptive by Design. It is a philosophy. A process. A promise. An inherent need to improve the world around us in an unexpected, innovative way.

We can all be Disruptive by Design.

This is our story of disruption. Narrated by Kevin Spacey.


Burberry Prorsum Menswear S/S15 Show

Inspired by the acclaimed novelist and travel writer, the collection features original illustrations and typographic prints that take their lead from vintage English book covers.

Music: Cornerstone - Benjamin Clementine 
London - Benjamin Clementine 
I Won't Complain - Benjamin Clementine

Alexander McQueen Men's Spring/Summer 2015

Tailoring is slashed on the revere or under the pockets, reworked as panels to reveal vivid red lining on long and lean coats and suit jackets. An abstracted Kabuki pattern is the dominant and recurring motif featured throughout the collection. It is used all-over, as an asymmetric placement or stripped back to just a single block of colour. There is a play on the scale of three classic menswear fabrics -- the Houndstooth, Birdseye and Prince of Wales check, used in combinations as a new type of patchwork or woven as jacquards in the abstracted Kabuki pattern. The construction of suiting has been pared back, either completely free or half-lined and occasionally with a slight shoulder pad to give just enough structure. Silhouettes are oversized or elongated and trousers are cut wide and loose or drop crotched and skinny. The use of trompe l'oeil gives the perception of layering -- waistcoats over coats and field jackets or black and white colour block knee high socks to give the effect of leggings worn under shorts.

Deep Dark Robot - Speck

YMC Spring Summer 2015