C'est la vie

Director: Simone Rovellini 
DOP: Davide Gatti 
With: Simona Tarasco, Toni Pandolfo, Ambrogio Avogadri, Mirko Ciotta, Alessandro Fantinato 
Music e sound design: Piers Burbrook de Vere, Jeremy Yang, Lawrence Horne 
Set decoration: Henriette Vittadini 
Make-up: Vessy Vissotchkova

Normal Love - Suddenly



Luís Buchinho

Os Burgueses

Aleksandar Protic


An homage to Marvel, which created most of the superheros who entertained generations of children and adults for more than 80 years.


Fashion Story: Couture allure by Paolo Roversi

Featuring Mariacarla Boscono, Guinevere Van Seenus and Malgosia Bela.
Here's the Backstage Video of the fashion editorial published on Vogue Unique, supplement of Vogue Italia March 2013 issue.

Brooklyn Brewery Mash - A trip through BK in 3000 photos

To promote the Brooklyn Brewery's MASH tour, filmmakers Landon Van Soest and Paul Trillo, created a stop motion tour of the borough using over 3000 still photos.


CUT - Hair Today Gone Tomorrow - A video by Sebastian Sauvé

With the help of the solid team that is forwardbyelysewalker. A creative haircut that explores an array of styles until there's nothing left.
The video is stop motion consisting of over 1000 pictures.
The product is Bumble and Bumble
The song is Roda - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66
The team -
Creative Director/Photographer - Sara Saric
Director/Model - Sebastian Sauvé
Hair/Makeup - Karoliina @ Opus Beauty
Edited by - Chris Shintani


Sharpen Up

From the historic centre of pencil-making to the world's biggest trade fair, we profile Staedtler, the pioneering German stationery brand taking the pencil into the 21st century.


video s-ara

from RUDOLFO, released 05 October 2012
Written and Performed by RUDOLFO.
Guest Vocals by STRAY.
Recorded and Mixed by Luís Azevedo at Soundcrate Studio.
Mastered by Ghuna X at the Environment.


The Making of Paper Art

Li Hongbo is a widely-acclaimed artist who plays with the appearences and connotations paper. Many viewers who came across his works are intrigued by the amazing flexbility, resilience and strength of the paper material, and startled by the artist's craftmanship. In this video, Li Hongbo shows us how he did it. Step by step, he guides us in a magical journey in the making of paper art.

David Bowie is

The V&A has been given unprecedented access to the David Bowie Archive to curate the first international retrospective of the extraordinary career of David Bowie. David Bowie is will feature more than 300 objects that include handwritten lyrics, original costumes, fashion, photography, film, music videos, set designs and Bowie's own instruments.

David Bowie Is 
Victoria & Albert Museum
23 March – 11 August 2013

DRESSEDUNDRESSED Fall/Winter 2013/2014


G-SHOCK by Maison Martin Margiela

30 Years Anniversary - Special Edition
New model GA-300 / 3 000 exclusive watches with engraved number and Maison Martin Margiela logo across the back

Removable mirrored silver leather wristband / New matt-shiny silver casing and bracelet / Transparent liquid crystal skeleton / Shock resistant / 200m water resistant / Stopwatch / Alarm / World time function / Super illuminator LED

© Maison Martin Margiela / JACK - Mars 2013
Music: Jérôme Lorichon

Vampire Diaries

Photographer: Livia Alcalde
Fashion editor: Pablo Patane
Styling assistants: Georgia di Rosa, Federica Pasculli
Make up & hair: Grazia Carbone
Make up assistant: Matteo Bartolini
Set assistant: Irene Cacciarini
Models: Paul Boche, Mikkel Jensen, Morris Pendlebury

Special thanks to: Hotel Vittoria - Milan


Innes Button: I See Me!

SHOWstudio: House of Waris - The Plummage Necklace - Quentin Jones

Film-maker and illustrator Quentin Jones teams up with Indian-American jeweller Waris Ahluwalia in this exclusive stop-motion film for mytheresa.com. The film pays homage to The Plummage Necklace and features Waris in a pastel world of geometric shapes and floral blooms, which dance along to an electronic soundtrack.



The Hunger

How to Read Fashion

 This stylishly illustrated guide parses the visual vocabulary to understand, investigate, and interpret seminal fashions and styles. The perfect companion for fashionistas and anyone interested in a better understanding of how fashions and styles evolve, this is the first book of its kind aimed at a general audience. Both dip-in reference and stylish resource, it covers 200 years of fashion history, as well as ancillary subjects such as jewelry, accessories, and hairstyling, showing how different looks and styles are interconnected through time. Fashion is defined by the newest and very latest, yet fashion designers are constantly taking inspiration from the past. Well-known classics of yesteryear as well as more obscure designs and styles from the deeper past are constantly recycled and reinvented by the latest generation of designers and stylists. Identified in this handy volume are all the main fashion trends of the past 200 years, as well as how they relate to contemporary styles. From Neo-Classical to Gothic, Streamline Modernism to Punk, Military, and Designer Branding, this is perfect for anyone who has ever wondered about the origins of the little black dress or why the Chanel bag is known as the 2:55 bag.

Available April 2 from Amazon


Forget Me Knot

Mike Friton is a freelance shoemaker, weaver, paper sculptor and innovator with over 30 years of experience at Nike. His innovations are responsible for many elements of athletic footwear that people wear today. Each of his crafts informs one another and he is constantly exploring the fringes of his field. Mike's work is a great example of how non-traditional methods of exploring one's craft can lead to unique end results.

DIRECTOR: Tristan Stoch
SOUND: David Panton


For the SS2013 Real Fantasies by AMO, Prada experiments a multi-faceted collage of hand-drawn and painted shapes, casting the shadows that they project.
Simplicity, poetry and sentimentalism, processed through imaginary cinematic scenes; characters yearning in a world of sophisticated feelings, eluding nostalgia to inspect longing and legacy.
Restraining versus revealing: conflicting attitudes in a series of intimate and social situations.

ART DIRECTION by AMO: Lok Jansen, Jeroen Koolhaas, Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, Miguel Taborda, Lucia Venturini, Lucia Zamponi
ARTWORK: Lok Jansen, Jeroen Koolhaas
EDITING and VISUAL FX by APRIL: Matteo Frittelli
FILMING by APRIL: Matteo Frittelli, Gabrio Bellotti
PHOTOGRAPHY: Phil Meech, Agostino Osio
MUSIC by 3o - Andrea Cassano, Alessandro Sicardi, Fabio Visocchi



TREATS! jumps into SEXSOMNIA, a shadowy sexual disorder that seems to be on the rise, talking to sufferers, doctors, skeptics and victims in a story—and short film—that is guaranteed to titillate and bewilder. Full film debut April 1, 2013. 

Directed by Paul Minor
Cinematography by Matthias Koenigswieser
Makeup by Jo Baker
Styling by Vanessa Geldbach
Hair by Bernhard Tamme
Creative direction by Christianne Brooks
Starring Rebecca Dayan

Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2013/2014


JUNYA WATANABE Fall/Winter 2013/2014

CHANEL Fall/Winter 2013/20114

55DSL 55DSL present ITALY, TEXAS a movie by Aofie McArdle

Following on from the FW12 collaboration with directors CANADA and the film “Beyond Mountains, More Mountains”, the creativity continues in 2013, however this time 55DSL have ventured overseas to discover the Italian essence in new frontiers. 55DSL proudly present their next short film for Spring / Summer ’13 – shot in its entirety in the blazing hot plains of the U.S.A. – entitled Italy, Texas.
For this daring departure from Italian soil, 55DSL enlisted talented filmmaker Aoife McArdle. And in the small town of Italy, Texas, not far from Dallas, the acclaimed Irish born director found the perfect setting to tell a story of unique and unconventional friendships. A celebration of creativity inspired by the new 55DSL collection. For two weeks this other Italy became the film set and its wonderful residents – including their pets – were the stars.
"Italy, Texas", Directed and Written by Aoife McArdle
Starring Brenden Reza & Gillian Vanderslice
Executive Producer & Producer: Tamsin Glasson for Colonel Blimp
A Colonel Blimp / Doomsday Entertainment / Vice Production for 55DSL © MMXII


Vatican Fashion Show - Federico Fellini

EFTERKLANG - The Living Layer

The fifth song on Efterklang´s 4th album 'Piramida'. Released September 24th 2012 on 4AD and Rumraket.

The music video for 'The Living Layer' is made by Malthe Fischer & Eleanor Bock Lund and it features the dancers Karis Zidore, Olivia Riviere, Nanna Stigsdatter and Meleat Fredrikson. Collages of roadside snow and modern Copenhagen architecture sets the setting for this cosmic journey through the song.


Proenza Schouler Spring Summer 2013 Ad Campaign Video

Directed by David Sims with Eddie the Wheel

Music: Sight Seer by Grass Giraffes
Models: Irina Nikolaeva and Julia Nobis

The Gypsy Gentleman

The Gypsy Gentleman Episode 4: San Diego y Tijuana.
Marcus Kuhn presents the fourth edition of a brand new tattoo and travel magazine.
Featuring interviews with Bill Canales and Rob Benavides. Machindo Productions
In Association with Propaganda Pictures
Executive Producer: Neal Koch
Producer: Marcus Kuhn
Associate Producer: Richard Kennedy
Original Music By Lucero
Additional Music By The Continental

The Gypsy Gentleman Episode 5: London.
Marcus Kuhn presents the fifth edition of a brand new tattoo and travel magazine.
Featuring interviews with Valerie Vargas and Ian Flower.

Machindo Productions
In Association with Propaganda Pictures
Executive Producer: Neal Koch
Producer: Marcus Kuhn
Associate Producer: Richard Kennedy
Original Music By Lucero
Additional Music By Death Valley

The Gypsy Gentleman Episode 6: Paris.
Marcus Kuhn presents the sixth edition of a brand new tattoo and travel magazine.
Featuring interviews with Tin-Tin and Laura Satana.

Machindo Productions
In Association with Propaganda Pictures
Executive Producer: Neal Koch
Producer: Marcus Kuhn
Associate Producer: Richard Kennedy
Original Music By Lucero
Additional Music By Mik Impetto and Death Valley

The Generic Man for Comme des Garçons SHIRT Presents 'River Mouth'

For the launch of the spring 2013 footwear collaboration between The Generic Man and Comme des Garçons SHIRT, GNRC Design enlisted Ways & Means director, Felipe Lima to head down to Brazil and capture movements of his young brothers donning the collection as they explore the city, by day and night. Over the course of a week, he filmed Rodrigo and Marcelo on the streets of Rio and in the jungle of Paraná. This story of brotherhood and indulgence takes us from walking Roberto Burle-Marx's iconic 'calçadão' of Copacabana to approaching the singularly powerful Iguazu Falls.

We can't say where, exactly, these shoes will take you but we do know that they all embody the spirit of adventurous souls, the appeal of spontaneous travels, and the desire to enjoy the subtle, mysterious pleasures of life that are so quickly forgotten and taken for granted.

Post Tenebras Lux

The Award-Winning Mexican Director Carlos Reygadas Offers a Glimpse into His Magic Realist Feature

A family drives along a dreamlike Mexican highway in this excerpt of Carlos Reygedas’ poetic new film Post Tenebras Lux. His forthcoming release, which won him Best Director at the 65th Cannes Film Festival, follows Juan and Natalia—played by Adolfo Jiménez Castro and Nathalia Acevedo—and their two children as they navigate the surreal and intimate conflicts of upper-middle class life. The kids asleep in the back of the car are the director’s own daughter Eleazer and son Rut, and their appearance forms part of Regeydas’ philosophy of exploiting elements of his domestic reality. “It’s my house and my children and everyone I know,” says Reygadas, who used his mountainside abode in the state of Morelos, 100km south of Mexico City, as the primary location during the four-month filming period. “I just took what is dear to me—I like to open the doors so you can look inside.” Reygadas’ first feature Japón received a special mention for the Caméra d’Or Award at Cannes in 2002 and his last full-length film Silent Light won the Jury Award there in 2007. His latest work eschews traditional storytelling conventions and instead offers up beautifully shot and striking scenes that work on their own or as part of a quixotic assemblage. “If you want to categorize it I would say it is a cognitive film rather than a narrative one,” says the filmmaker. “It is about the perception of reality, not the present conscious—the way we feel life.” 

How much of what happens in the film is based on your life?
Carlos Reygedas: It is not a recreation of my life, but a recreation of a lot of thoughts. Imagine you could connect some electrodes to your brain while you slept and saw the results the next morning on the television. I wanted to share what I have been living through, what I have felt, what I have thought—what is subconscious in my life. 

Was using your own house and the surrounding Mexican countryside as a film set a difficult decision?
CR: We are programmed to be shallow and because of that we think intimacy resides in very elementary things like a bedroom, or even in our underwear drawer. Some people never show those things to others because they are private, whereas a bedroom is only walls with a bed. I wasn’t afraid to do that, so I didn’t need to be brave. For me intimacy resides somewhere else. 

The opening scene features your daughter lost in the wilderness at dusk, surrounded by dogs. Was that tough to shoot?
CR: No more than anything else. It took maybe five or six afternoons as it had to be shot in the light of dusk. There were eight dogs in the scene—I have ten and we used them all in the film, so I was the animal wrangler on set! That’s why they seem so well behaved. All filmmakers should do this. Instead of inventing some strange story, why don’t we make a film about what we know?

Post Tenebras Lux is showing in UK cinemas from March 22 and in the US from May 1.  


Don't Frack My Mother

Artists Against Fracking

Directors: Sarah Sophie Flicker, Maximilla Lukacs and Tennessee Thomas
Producer: Rebecca Fernandez
Editor: Maximilla Lukacs

Adrian Grenier
Alexa Chung
Ben Lee
Carrie Fisher
Daniel Pinchbeck
Devendra Banhart
Fred Armisen
Ione Skye
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Josh Fox
Liv Tyler
Lindsey Wixson
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Mark Ronson
Melissa Auf Der Maur
Michael Skolnik
Natasha Lyonne
Penn Badgley
Reggie Watts
Sean Lennon
Susan Sarandon
Yoko Ono
Zoë Kravitz

Also featuring band members from:

Au Revoir Simone
Black Lips
Cibo Matto
The Citizens Band
The Like
The Strokes
Wild Belle


Written, Directed and Edited by GUSTAV JOHANSSON Producer ERIK TORELL
Director of photography NIKLASJOHANSSON, FSF
Production company CAMP DAVID FILM
Graphic design ALBIN HOLMQVIST

Empire Of The Sun - Discovery

JUNE 2013

Mad Sausage

A hungry young man gets served some serious food for thought when a sausage starts telling his dramatic life story. What he hears will change his life forever.

Mad Sausage


individual sentiments / paul / ss13


When we set out to make this short, our intention simply was to observe the phenomenon of fashion bloggers and street style stars. As we started to review the footage, two salient trends became apparent: fashion editors frustrated by the ensuing commotion outside of shows, and the rise of "peacocking" street style stars as a result of the proliferation of blogs. This film examines these themes from both perspectives.


Are you really open-minded?

Quebec’s Minister of Justice is asking people in that province if they really are as open as they say when it comes to homosexuality in the province’s first large-scale, publicly funded campaign to fight homophobia.

Launched Sunday night during the two most-watched TV shows in la Belle Province (La Voix on TVA and Tout le monde en parle on Radio-Canada), two spots questioned viewers’ ideas of openness. One shows a man waiting at the airport, getting a message on his phone saying “I’m coming, my love.” Both a woman and a man smile as they approach him, but he greets and kisses his boyfriend. The voiceover says: ”Does this change what you thought a few minutes ago?” 

The other spot shows a woman arriving home to find a rose and a note saying “My love, come meet me in the living room.” It turns out to be a surprise party. Her female partner kisses her and wishes her a happy birthday.
The Québec City offices of Cossette have been working on the campaign for the past year. The campaign began as a mandate set by the now-defeated Liberal provincial government. When the Parti Quebecois took power in the fall of 2012, it carried that part of the Liberals’ agenda forward, bringing the campaign to completion.
”Our insight came after we did research and it came out that, individually, Quebecers thought they were more open-minded than society in general,” said Martine Delagrave, the agency’s Quebec City general manager. “When you scratch the surface, though, there is often a ‘but.’”
The research showed these “buts” often looked like this: “I have nothing against homosexuals, but is it really safe for them to raise children?” “I don’t mind gays, but do they have to kiss in the streets?”
“We wanted to invite the population to do an introspection and question their openness,” Delagrave said.
Part of the campaign is a website that allows people to do just that. The user is exposed to diverse situations – for example a little boy who “loves his two mommies” – then asked if the situation bothers them “not at all,” “a little” or “a lot.” After answering a few questions, the user gets their results and is invited to share the site within their social network.
In the 48 hours since the site’s launch, it has received 30,000 likes on Facebook, been tweeted 1,800 times, and 74% of people who started its online test completed it.
Delagrave said one of the challenge with this effort is that homophobia isn’t easy to measure. “Nobody wants to be labelled homophobic. The only measurement we have is when a homophobic crime is committed. That’s the sensationalist part. But the most insidious one is in attitudes.
“Also, because it’s backed by the government, the message had to be positive. We couldn’t target homophobic people and talk to them [directly]. We had to use the population in general to pass our message.”
The campaign has sparked some harsh comments. Morning TV show Salut, bonjour! asked its Facebook fans what they thought about it. More than 330 responded, and approximately 11% of those respondents said it wasn’t necessary to show two men kissing on TV, that they’re going to have to explain that to their kids. A TVA employee also received a voicemail asking the network to remove the spot showing ”two faggots kissing.”
“This is the proof this campaign was necessary,” said Delagrave.
A second campaign phase is planned to start in 2014, which will potentially address homosexual parenting.

 via Marketing Mag


Desire - Official Film Trailer | Jaguar USA

Jaguar is proud to introduce 'Desire', a film project in collaboration with Ridley Scott Associates - starring Emmy award winner Damian Lewis with music by Lana Del Rey.

Bridge of Light

An art installation of thousands of computer-controlled LED lights on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge transforms the span into an ever-shifting display.


The Gypsy Gentleman

The Gypsy Gentleman Episode 1: New York City.
Marcus Kuhn presents the first edition of a brand new tattoo and travel magazine.
Featuring Interviews with Thomas Hooper and Virginia Elwood. Propaganda Pictures Presents
Producer: Richard Kennedy
Executive Producer: Marcus Kuhn
Director of Photography: Justin L Stanley
Original Music By Lucero
Additional Music By Missing Ships

The Gypsy Gentleman Episode 2: Austin, Texas. 
Marcus Kuhn presents the second edition of a brand new tattoo and travel magazine. 
Featuring interviews with Tony Hundahl and Steve Byrne.
Machindo Productions In Association with Propaganda Pictures 
Executive Producer: Neal Koch 
Producer: Marcus Kuhn 
Associate Producer: Richard Kennedy 
Director of Photography: Justin Lee Stanley 

Original Music By Lucero Additional Music By The American Spirit

The Gypsy Gentleman Episode 3: San Francisco, Ca.
Marcus Kuhn presents the third edition of a brand new tattoo and travel magazine. Featuring interviews with Jason Kundell and George Campise.
Machindo Productions In Association with Propaganda Pictures 
Executive Producer: Neal Koch 
Producer: Marcus Kuhn Associate 
Producer: Richard Kennedy 
Director of Photography: Justin Lee Stanley 

Original Music By Lucero Additional Music By The American Spirit

RODEO - Way Back Home

First single from debut EP to be released summer 2013 on Leonizer.


House of Flora A/W 2013 - Marie Schuller / Marlon Rueberg

Founded by Flora McLean, House of Flora is an avant-garde headwear label that creates distinctive pieces for the catwalk, fashion campaigns and collectors. 'House of Flora A/W 2013' launches the brand's latest collection with this dramatic fashion film directed by SHOWstudio's head of fashion film Marie Schuller. With art direction by Marlon Rueberg and director of photography Neus Olle, the film features the rumbling backdrop of a storm which sets the scene for an epic post apocalyptic vision. Models are seen running in slow motion all decked in hats, jewellery and claw-like finger extensions crafted by the House of Flora.

Pay It No Mind: Marsha P. Johnson

The life and times of Marsha P. Johnson.


The Listener

The Listener - the name given to the collection and conceptual work this season - is our take on the importance and beauty of story telling. Some stories have inspired us to such an extent that we decided to work with the people behind them. One is of surrealist artist Antonio Lourenco, a dissident of the former military regime in Portugal, who has hidden his artistic talent whilst spending the last 30 years working as a librarian in Sweden. Another is that of modern circus men Eos, Aaron and Valia who tell a vibrant story through their explosive acrobatics. An essential source of inspiration for us is the abundance of great stories that surround us. We choose to slow down and simply listen, believing in the correlation between inspiration, perception and real action. This way of slowing down allows us to acknowledge what is going on around and within ourselves. In today’s world of intense information flow we find this increasingly relevant.


Springtime in Indiana means spending time among friends. For this season contributor and Indiana native Jeremy Tubbs captured life in the Hoosier state with his neighbors in Fountain Square.
Filmed and edited by Jeremy Tubbs

Music by Raw McCartney, RC Pro Am and Vacation Club


Lanvin Fall/Winter 2013/2014

Aston Martin - On Ice 2013

Based in the exclusive resort of St.Moritz, Switzerland Aston Martin On Ice offers the opportunity to experience our full model range like never before! Winter tyres combined with sophisticated electronic safety systems offer an extraordinary snow and ice driving experience.


Dr. Martens Spring/Summer 2013

Individual Style United Spirit. Dr. Martens SS13 collection with Ash Stymest


VSP collections evolve from one to the next. With each new season, details build on past experiences. Leather craft is furthered with new technical detailing, fabric treatments and material combinations. The winter season allows us to experiment with new tactile qualities, by constantly exploring shearling leathers and wool-leather combinations. For FW13, VSP shearlings are shaved and short haired, giving a soft character to materials. Colours are increasingly deeper with burgundy reds, olive greens and golds.
Oversized collars and wrapped layers emphasize the heavier silhouettes of the collection and contrast with its silk plisse and slick tight leather, to create the VSP look.

Homer Shake

Air drive

by Renaud Marion