Los Angeles A Drone Video

Los Angeles is known for its architectural diversity decorated with stunning murals and street art. In his latest project Ian Wood document icons such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House, Cesar Pelli’s Pacific Design Center, Eric Owen Moss Stealth building, and Morphosis recently completed Emerson College Los Angeles on equal footing with freeways and freight trains. 


Twin Peaks coming to SHOWTIME in 2017

Currently in production, TWIN PEAKS is written and produced by series creators and executive producers David Lynch and Mark Frost and is directed entirely by David Lynch. While the full mystery awaits, fans can expect many familiar faces, including Golden Globe winner and Emmy Award nominee Kyle MacLachlan, who reprises his role as FBI Agent Dale Cooper.

SUPREME by Complex

In 1994, James Jebbia opened the first Supreme location in a small storefront on Lafayette Street in New York. At the time, Supreme was a brand for skaters by skaters—even the design for the shop was more open so skaters could come right in with their skateboards. But today, 21 years later, Supreme is a legendary streetwear brand that’s cultivated a cult following well beyond that original fan base. Continuing to release product in tightly controlled, limited amounts, the brand is as big as it wants to be in New York, Los Angeles, and London; a titan in Japan—arguably its largest market.

Complex has covered Supreme for well over a decade (Complex was founded in 2002). Most of it was from afar; we wrote about releases or lookbooks. But for the last year or so, our Complex News team has been reporting from the Lafayette Street shop to cover in-store launches. Every story was the same: Lines snaked around the block, kids camped out for hours or days, sometimes even in subfreezing temperatures, just to get any Supreme item. Each Thursday drop was chaos. In April 2014, the NYPD canceled the Supreme x Nike Air Foamposite One in-store launch at the NYC flagship after a riot nearly broke out earlier that day.

But there was something much bigger here. We learned that many were in line to purchase gear that they’d later flip online for big profits, selling apparel and other items for as much as 1,200 percent above retail value. “We started to get to know these people and realized there was a business here and real money to be made,” explains Emily Oberg, Complex Editorial Producer and one of the directors of this documentary. While the reselling market is hardly new, and people have been selling Supreme online for years, it’s yet to be the focus of serious investigation—until now.


First Layer Trailer - A Vans Snowboard Movie

We are stoked to introduce the output of Vans Snowboarding's latest European project: ‘First Layer'. Our goal was to showcase our European snowboard family, including riders such as Arthur Longo, Sami Luhtanen, Will Smith, Sparrow Knox, Markus Keller and many more...

During the winter of 2015, we collected footage from the night of Lapland to the light of Patagonia, passing by the Alpine powder. This mix of street riding, backcountry and travel is our vision of snowboarding.


The new Harrington Jacket: Baracuta's G9

A new version, made of precious "aged" leather with the same versatility, classic and timeless style.


Filson Restoration Department

The beauty in imperfection

The 2016 Pirelli Calendar by Annie Leibovitz

Pirelli unveils their 2016 calendar shot by the talented Annie Leibovitz and it’s unlike any you’ve seen before. The calendar includes Yoko Ono, Patti Smith, Serena Williams, Fran Lebowitz, Amy Schumer, Tavi Gevinson, Ava DuVernay, Natalia Vodianova, Agnes Gund, Kathleen Kennedy, Mellody Hobson, Shirin Neshat and Yao Chen.


ACROSS THE SKY - a world record slackline in the utah desert

On November 15, 2015 Théo Sanson walked nearly 500 meters on a slackline rigged from The Rectory to Castleton Tower in Castle Valley, Utah, what is believed to be a new world record.

The Oak Interactive Fitting Room

IKEA Space10

Swedish furniture giant Ikea has launched Space10, a research hub and exhibition space nearby Copenhagen to bring together a growing community of visionary designers, artists, technologists, makers and creatives from around the world to create a better and more sustainable everyday life.
The mission is to investigate the future of urban living through a series of labs. Each lab sets out to explore a major challenge that impacts people on a global scale, and together with a selection of experts, thought leaders and bright minds ideate, prototype and present possible solutions. Each lab unfolds through a series of talks, workshops, pitch nights, design residen cies, exhibitions, collaborative projects, and many other formats, called the Space Program.

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Stoops USA Tour

HUF and Thrasher magazine join forces to document the tour STOOPS USA Tour.

A Very Murray Christmas

The full teaser of Netflix Christmas special which will debut on December 4th.
Directed by Sofia Coppola,
Features George Clooney, Chris Rock, Miley Cyrus, Amy Poehler, Jason Schwartzman, Michael Cera, Maya Rudolph, Rashida Jones and Paul Shaffer.


Han Kjøbenhavn 2015 Short Film

A mystery short film to promote Han Kjøbenhavn’s Holiday 2015 collection. The film involves a group of hotel guests who are in the midst of a murderer. Will you find out who did it?


Canada Goose Presents: Out There

A short film directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis, featuring inspirational stories chronicling a number of “Goose People”: Laurie Skreslet, Lance Mackey, Karl Bushby,  Paddy Doyle, and Marilyn Hofman.

It's Just Love

The French-born, Amsterdam-based Sophie Ebrard followed the porn director Gazzman around the world for the past four years, in an effort to find love and beauty in an industry that is typically surrounded by taboos and prejudices. The result is "the ultimate representation of human sexuality and the biggest way in which we incorrectly interpret human sexuality. Porn is us."


Freunde von Freunden - Juerg Judin

Juerg Judin has created his very own gem in the heart of the city: a house with a garden on the site of an old ’50s gas station. Between bamboo bushes and cream-colored tiles, the influential gallery owner skillfully achieves a stylistic amalgamation of old and new, of historical consciousness and contemporary sensibility. Here, he discusses how he renovated such a singular building and his goal to bring people closer to art.

This portrait is part of Home Stories – a collaboration Freunde von Freunden produces with Siemens Home Appliances. Home Stories explores the topic of innovative urban living, seen through the lenses of select inhabitants in modern global cities. We present unusual spaces, highlighting their aesthetic and technological qualities, alongside a look into their inhabitants' lives.


Man On The Moon

It’s Officially The Christmas Season, the new John Lewis TV advert is the story of a young girl called Lily. Looking at the moon through her family telescope one night, she is amazed at what she finds, a man on the moon. Lily watches on as our man goes about his chores, all alone up there. She becomes determined to get something to the moon, to send him a message and show him that someone down here is thinking of him. The music is ‘Half the World Away’ performed by Aurora, the original song was by Oasis.


Alice Through The Looking Glass, Trailer

Alice returns to the whimsical world of Underland and travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter.

Directed by James Bobin
with Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Mia Wasikowska, , Anne Hathaway, Sacha Baron Cohen

perfect photo


STFU (Shut The Fuck Up)

By providing a low-risk communication platform to anyone with a WiFi connection, the internet has brought to light the darker—sometimes crueler— side of human nature. In Names They Give Me, Marie Schuller uses footage of dancer Remy Fox, known for her provocative performance style and unapologetic approach to female sexual empowerment, to contrast with the voices of the trolls that litter comments across her social media.

Nothing Like A Good Sauna


REVERBERATION - Pavilion of Light and Sound

Palazzo Pisani Conservatory
Venice, Italy 
Designed by the Pritzker Prize Shigeru Ban

"When enveloping together a space using the minimum material and power, a tensile structure* is ideal. To cut out a space surrounded by the narrow historical facade of Palazzo Pisani, I have used acrylic sheets for the exterior of the pavilion, and allowed them to hang in a natural suspension, creating a parabola.

The first time I saw the palette of clé de peau BEAUTÉ, the dark blue colors looked to me like a tile that reflects and absorbs light. So I've taken this case and stuck them on both sides of the acrylic sheets, spaced in 9 mm gaps, just like tiles.

They reflect light, and make darkness in the interior and through the spaces between them, a wavering light which is characteristic of Venice, flows into the structure reflected from surface of the water functioned as a fixed weight.

When I stood in the courtyard of the Palazzo Pisani Conservatory, I heard sounds from out of nowhere. These sounds were not music per se, but rather a component of the unique environment of this space.

This is a space filled with mysterious light and shadows, and harmonious sounds. This is not makeup applied to a historical facade, but rather a method for drawing out the charm of the existing context.

*Tensile structure: A structure that maintains stability not through pressure and flexion, but instead is held together by tension
." -
Shigeru Ban


Even Cowboys Get to Cry - A film by Mees Peijnenburg

At 18-years-old, Sven and Gijs are best friends on the cusp of adventure: clubbing, meeting girls, planning their trip to South America on motorbikes. No one can stop them. But just like that, the fragility of life rushes towards them when Gijs is put into a coma after intervening in a fight to protect Sven.

Even Cowboys Get to Cry illustrates the rapid and ruthless coming-of-age for the boys, propelled into adulthood by an accident that brings fear, guilt, anger and the precariousness of their friendship. It’s the graduation film of Amsterdam-born Mees Peijnenburg of the Netherlands Film Academy, exploring the reality of friendship, growing up and painful emotion.

“I recalled a sentence my best friend told me when we were 12-years-old,” says director Peijnenburg. “He told me back then that if you never cry, your tears will dry and so you could never cry again. As a 12-year-old I really thought this could be true, since I didn't cry so much.

When life gets real, and pain is around the corner, everybody is swiped away by tears. Even cowboys, the symbol of the alpha male.”

Peijnenburg captures a story close to him, that happened to people he knew. While playing with the plot, the ‘emotional rollercoaster’ that he witnessed is raw and real.

Sven and Gijs find each other again, but the journey ahead is long. “I wanted to make an homage to friendship,” he explains. “Show people the fighting spirit inside people’s emotions when it comes to those you really care about.”

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Save Kids Lives

The 7th October signifies International Walk to School day. The day promotes the fact that walking and bicycling to school is fun, healthy, promotes a cleaner environment, promotes safety and has clear community benefits. As we know, all around the world, many children do not make it school. In fact over 500 children are killed everyday on the world's roads. We encourage you to celebrate International Walk to School Day by signing the Child Declaration for Road Safety.

Matching Numbers

Directed by Xavier Veilhan
Created for La 3e Scène, new digital platform of the Opéra national de Paris.
Music by Zombie Zombie


Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

London-born fashion designer Lee Alexander McQueen (1969 - 2010) was renowned for his conceptually daring and beautifully crafted ensembles. His theatrical catwalk shows are now the stuff of fashion legend, and his work remains hugely influential. In this film, McQueen’s friends, family and contemporaries reflect on the life and extraordinary career of fashion’s ultimate ‘enfant terrible’.


Tom Ford Womenswear SS 2016

Directed by Nick Knight features Lady Gaga alongside models Mica Arga, Lexi Bolling, Kayla Scott, Xaio Wen Ju, Valery Kaufman, Aymeline Valade, Lida Fox, Lucky Blue Smith, Alex Dunstan, David Agbodji and Tarun Nijjer.
I Want Your Love, vocals by Lady Gaga, featuring Nile Rodgers and produced by Riot City.


Thom Brown Spring Summer 2016 Menswear

Daft Punk Unchained

The first ever documentary film on the most secretive duo in the world. The epic story of two uncompromising artists. With the participation of their closest collaborators and friends from Pharrell Williams to Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder, Kanye West, Michel Gondry, Paul Williams, Peter Lindbergh, Leiji Matsumoto and Pete Tong.

 Daft Punk Unchained, directed by Hervé Martin Delpierre, is the first independent film which explores an exceptional pop culture phenomenon of the last twenty years: Daft Punk. Between fiction and reality, magic and secrets, theatricality and humility, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo have created a unique artistic universe. Throughout their career they have remained determined to control every link in the chain of their creative work. The film highlights key moments of their story, from their first school band in Paris to their historic concert at Coachella festival in 2006 and their spectacular triumph at the 2014 Grammy Awards for the album « Random Access Memories ». In an era of globalisation and the expansion of social media, they have refused to show their own faces and they orchestrate every detail of their appearances as robots. The documentary includes archives of radio interviews with Daft Punk, rare footage and exclusive interviews with their friends and close collaborators from Pharrell Williams to Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder, Kanye West, Michel Gondry, Paul Williams, Peter Lindbergh, Leiji Matsumoto and Pete Tong.

A BBC Worldwide France production, 2015

Featuring Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Nile Rogers, Skrillex, Giorgio Moroder, Michel Gondry, Pete Tong, Leiji Matsumoto, Paul Williams, Peter Lindbergh, Joseph Trapanese, Pedro Winter
Directed by Hervé Martin Delpierre


This Is Denim - Topman Denim Campaign - AW15

Agent Provocateur’s Fall/Winter 2015

Ellen Von Unwerth pays tribute to Agent Provocateur’s iconic imagery with a lookbook that focuses on two naughty girls frolicking around an old English manor house in corsets, crystals and luxurious lengths of finest silk.


Gilbert & George: The Early Years

Gilbert & George have been creating art for almost fifty years. Describing their relationship in life and work, they have said, “It’s not a collaboration. . . . We are two people, but one artist.” George, born in Devon, England, in 1942, and Gilbert, born in the Dolomites, Italy, in 1943, met while studying sculpture at St. Martin’s School of Art, London, in 1967. One day while taking photos of each other holding their small-scale sculptures, and then without, the artists realized that they could dispense with them altogether. What was most interesting was not the objects themselves, but their presence as “living sculptures” within the images. They summed up their newly conceived position as artists succinctly: “Art and life became one, and we were the messengers of a new vision. At that moment that we decided we are art and life, every conversation with people became art, and still is.”
While the art world around them in the late 1960s and early 1970s was largely characterized by Pop, Minimal, and Conceptual art, Gilbert & George developed a wholly unique vision. Although they created their art in a variety of mediums, they considered everything they did to be sculpture: Postal Sculptures, Magazine Sculptures, Charcoal on Paper Sculptures, Drinking Sculptures, and Video Sculptures.
Gilbert & George have created a wealth of sculptures in ways never imagined before their union, fully integrating their daily existence into their artistic philosophy. Comprising the Museum’s multi-departmental holdings of their art, this exhibition focuses on their early years, from 1969 through 1975, during which they established the ideology that continues to shape their vision today.

Gilbert & George: The Early Years
The Paul J. Sachs Drawings Galleries, third floor
until September 27, 2015


Small Empires: Can Vimeo build a big business without selling out?

My favorite web series, High Maintenance, began appearing on Vimeo back in 2012. The directors picked Vimeo for the same reason many independent artists do: a guarantee that their material would appear without ads and free of the clutter that surrounds videos on Youtube. This year, after a very successful run as a free show, High Maintenance became the first big-budget project backed by Vimeo, an attempt to emulate Netflix original content creation for a streaming video audience.

The market for professionally produced video that skips television and theaters, going straight to the web, is still fairly young. As we move into a world where more and more people are cutting the cord and choosing their entertainment on demand and a la carte, there will be room for plenty of competitors. The challenge for Vimeo is not getting outbid, and overshadowed, by much larger companies with billion-dollar budgets.

Vimeo has always been a sort of outlier, putting art above commerce. Now it wants to position itself as a premium channel: the HBO to Youtube's network television. The problem is that companies like HBO are also rushing onto the web. The key differentiator for Vimeo would be pushing its commitment to supporting these artists. It has lots of reminders on its site that when you're buying something on Vimeo, "most of the cash goes to the maker."

via The Verge

An Instant Guide to Making Coffee



During 2 months the french director and photographer Maximilien Franco travel across California, Mexico and Colombia all alone and shot these are 111 fragments of life.

GUCCI - The Cruise 2016 Campaign — The Director’s Cut

Following a guest into a dance party in a villa outside Florence, the film directed by Glen Luchford captures the contemporary essence of Alessandro Michele’s Cruise 2016 Collection.

Amy Deleted

A deleted scene with Amy and her manager Nick Shymanksy in New York. AMY, the documentary, is available on DVD, Blu-ray & Digital from Nov 2nd.


Lacoste Spring/Summer 2016

Alexander Wang Spring Summer 2016

Pasticceria Marchesi by Roberto Baciocchi Architects

The Italian fashion house recently acquired 80% of  the historic Milanese pastry shop, Pasticceria Marchesi in March 2014, and opened, this week, a second location designed by architect Roberto Baciocchi. The new shop respects the classic atmosphere and the age-old allure of Marchesi’s landmark site in Via Santa Maria. While the restricted size of Marchesi’s original location allowed for standing service only, the new shop presents two intimate seating rooms in the back, the perfect place to enjoy a delightful and colored delicacy.

Pasticceria Marchesi,
via Monte Napoleone 9, Milan