Bendito Machine IV - Fuel the Machines

An improbable hero embarks on a crude journey by land, sea and air -throughout all the attractions of a planet turned into a massive petrochemical park... and beyond. 
Directed by Jossie Malis
Produced by Zumbakamera
Music by Sxip Shirey and Joseph R. Coniff
Sound by Julie Reier and Jossie Malis.

Comme des Garçons Spring Summer 2013 Menswear

the kingdom of Iron Man

Qui êtes-vous Manish Arora?

An interview with Manish Arora, fashion designer. 
A project by Rafael Jimenez & Artdicted. 
produced by Super 8

224-paris-presentation new

22/4's third dimension a collaboration with Cosmotropia de Xam

John Baldessari: Digital Talk

The Conceptual Art Pioneer on the Impact of the Internet in Todd Cole’s New Short 

Under hazy light and the drone of airplanes at nearby Santa Monica airport, the legendary John Baldessari discusses art and the web in a new film by Todd Cole for arts magazine Modern Matter. After burning all his previous work in the early 70s and issuing the statement “I will not make any more boring art,” Baldessari re-defined the creative process and expanded accepted notions of art through appropriating images taken from advertising and film stills, garnering critical acclaim for covering his subjects with colored dots and displaying text-based works on billboards. More recently, Baldessari revealed his technical ambitions, creating his own iPhone app with LACMA, allowing users to remix famous still lifes and produce their own artworks. “We wanted to do something simple and beautiful, like the old Eames films or the educational films of the 60s and 70s, the kind of things I saw in junior high art class,” explains Cole, who collaborated with directors Peter J. Brant and Francesca Mirabella on the project. The short is part of an ongoing series where artists are asked a single, open-ended question about technology. “A generation like John’s has seen these technologies grow from their infancy,” explains Modern Matter Editor Olu Odukoya. “It’s interesting to hear an older artist talk about them.


Sébastien Tellier - Russian Attractions

Watch Sébastien Tellier's new video for "Russian Attractions" off of 'My God is Blue,' produced by VICE with the help of Air (Drinkair.com). Exclusive video premiere only on Noisey.com.

We took the idea of falling in love with a stranger, and considered the fact that love itself is a stranger. There's a reason we use the word "fall" when referring to love. Because when its pull becomes too strong to resist, you lose your balance and what happens next is an unknown beyond our control. Although scary, the unknown is also undeniably attractive.

Director: Meredith Danluck
Director of Photography: Jake Burghart
Executive Producer: Thobey Campion
Producer: David Laven
Associate Producer: Chloe Campion
Production Designer: James Maher
Choreography: Mesha Kussman
Gaffer: Greg LeFevre
Dancers: The Aqualillies

ESCAPE TO VICTORY - England vs Sweden in Kiev

As part of the launch of Paszport!, the football fanzine, Mother and The Rig Out ventured over to Kiev to the England Sweden Game to hand out copies of the magazine and find out what drives thousands of Englishmen to go abroad to watch their team underperform. 
Directed by Ben Holman
Produced by Bosh through Mother


Surkin & Todd Edwards - I Want You Back

Pringle of Scotland Spring Summer 2013 Menswear


O (Omicron)

A permanent installation directed by Romain Tardy & Thomas Vaquié
Hala Stulecia, Wroclaw, Poland.
When opened, Hala Stulecia was the largest reinforced concrete structure in the world. With a diameter of 65m it was home to the largest dome built since the Pantheon in Rome eighteen centuries earlier.
The piece proposed for the Centennial Hall of Wroclaw is based around the notion of timelessness in architecture, and the idea of what future has meant throughout the 20th century.
Taking the 1910’s as a starting point (the dome was erected in 1913), historical and artistic references were used to reveal the architecture of the space.
By using references such as Fritz Lang’s Metropolis or the utopian projects of Archigram to confront the different visions of the future at different times, Romain Tardy and Thomas Vaquié were interested in trying to create a vision of a future with no precise time reference. A timeless future.

the making of the piece

The Aikiu - Pieces Of Gold

Hot Hot Hot.
Directed by Panteros, Myd & Boston Bun 
Shot by Ro


Werking Girls

Starring: Anna Gray, Arisce Wanzer, and Honey Dijon 
Directors: Andinh Ha & Bruce Thierry Cheung
Producer: Tati Barrantes
OCTV Producer: Philip Nguyen
Stylist: Daria Radlinski
Director of Photography: Brendan Burdzinski
Hair & Makeup: Ryuta Tanaka & Rie Tsukui
Styling Assistance: Annie Auchincloss
Graphic Design: Su Barber
Song: Juveniles "Hard Working Girl"

John Varvatos Spring Summer 2013 Menswear

a necktie that keeps you interesting

Gucci Spring Summer 2013 Menswear


'Hooded' is an exploration of visual and auditory senses to convey the horrific nature of torture. It combines extensive sound design with abstracted visuals to provide a disturbing experience. It is a powerful reminder that torture is barbaric and never justifiable.

This film has been made as part of Amnesty International's Security with Human Rights campaign, which aims to end abuses of human rights which take place in the context of terrorism, countering terrorism and national security.


New Editorial Office of THE AVANT/GARDE DIARIES in NYC - Mott & Broome

We are opening our new AVANT/GARDE DIARIES editorial office in New York!
Artwork Keren Richter / Filming & Editing Fridolin Schoepper / Music Bunnystripes


Topman Design Spring Summer 2013 Menswear

a skater who wants to be a surfer who wants to be grunge

SHOELAB by natalio martin #2 WAIKIKI

This project is powered by Hawaiian accents as well as a Miami Vice style, resulting in a pair of sandals with an aire of vintage, made from braides cane fabric and leather lining. An ode to the natural spirit of the Polynesian islands and a review of the use of materials.


World Refugee Day, June 20

No one chooses to be a refugee

Every minute eight people leave everything behind to escape war, persecution or terror. If conflict threatened your family, what would you do? Stay and risk your lives? Or try to flee, and risk kidnap, rape or torture? For many refugees the choice is between the horrific or something worse. 

Donate now here

Larry Tee feat. Charlie Le Mindu - Charlie!

Sigur Rós - Fjögur píanó

Fjögur píanó by Alma Har'el Taken from the "valtari mystery film experiment"


DSquared2 A/W12 film

Dean and Dan Caten take catwalking to the classroom in a Mert & Marcus directed film


Dockumentary Footage : Encyclopaedia Cinematographica directed by Hermann Schlenker
© Insitut fur den Wissenschaftlichen Film, Gottingen 1977
courtesy of Weltkuren Museum Frankfurt
Art Director : Carri Munden
Director : Santiago Arbelaez
Models : Toby @ Select Milliano @ Boyo
Body Art : Bea Sweet
Title Animation: Weirdcore
Music: Seputura 'Breed Apart'
Tattooist : Maxime Buchi @ Into You
Tattoo Design : Carri Munden x Maxime Buchi
Tattoo Boys : Micheal Mayren + Sam Bayliss-Ibram

The KDMS - Wonderman


Aitor Throup - London Collections: S/S13

Ahead of Aitor Throup's highly anticipated launch of his eponymous product line, we visit Throup in his studio in Hoxton for a sneak preview of his collection. Here, the designer talks about his personal highlights including designing the England football kits with Umbro and working with some of his favourite bands and musicians such as Kasabian and Damon Albarn. In this exclusive interview, we also hear about his "revolutionary" approach to design and why he believes in the timelessness of his concepts.

Surface by Microsoft

A tablet that's a unique expression of entertainment and creativity. A tablet that works and plays the way you want. A new type of computing. Surface.


INNER#SCARS by Luca Finotti for DUST

DUST magazine
The skin produces scars, when it is not capable of healing what it once was. The scar is a creation of a different material, that we can define as the fabric of an emergency.
Directed by LUCA FINOTTI
Editing LF studio
Assistant Director MARCO CREMA
DUST Issue #3 Scars


adidas Originals Fall 2012 Blue Collection Lookbook

The adidas Originals Blue collection is a tailored approach to the Originals heritage. It provides a tasteful collection of select apparel and footwear for the style conscious

Alexandre Herchcovitch | Spring Summer 2013 Menswear


The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Clip - Police Chase

New York's finest have some questions for Spider-Man...but he isn't too ready to chat with them! Watch as he swings out of the NYPD's reach in this new clip from "The Amazing Spider-Man," in theaters and IMAX 3D July 3!


Apple - OS X Mountain Lion

The world's most advanced desktop operating system gets even better. And makes the Mac, iPad and iPhone work even better together.


Patrick Nguyen — The Streets Are Paved With Art

Namedropping where namedropping is due: Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Faile, Blu, WK Interact, Os Gemeos, Jeffrey Deitch, Jonathan LeVine, Martha Cooper, Wooster Collective, Brad Downey, Futura, Dzine and Blek le Rat – these are just some of the key 100 players of street and urban art from around the world featured in Gestalten's Beyond the Street with extensive and richly illustrated interviews. We met with Patrick Nguyen, insider, art collector, ex-lawyer and editor of the book, to talk about street and urban art – and the fine art of persuading normally arcane artists to do interviews.

SHOW2012 . Antwerp Fashion Department - Backstage

An impression backstage at SHOW2012, the graduation show of the Antwerp Fashion Department. Sound performed by Alice Springs.


adidas Originals Consortium Your Story II

With the globe turning its focus on the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games, we asked nine partners to take inspiration from their Olympic memories and translate them into designs for our new Consortium SS12 collection. We wiped the slate clean by giving them all-white models from the FW11 'Tabula Rasa' range, which they've transformed into their own creative visions.

From Viktor Tell's transformation of the Matchplay, to Stefan Glerum's vintage track take on the Decade Hi, Consortium SS12 is a diverse collection inspired by a range of creative backgrounds.