SHOWstudio: Palmer//Harding S/S 15 - Cacilie Harris

Palmer//Harding have embraced the tension between strength and vulnerability as the design foundation for their S/S 15 offering. Taking their starting point from the combination of functionality and authority found in vintage collegiate uniforms, Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding added a contemporary element to their research, looking at the textures of peeling billboards in their London surroundings.

The resulting collection expresses these polarised qualities and is captured in a film by Cecilie Harris. The casting of olympic gymnast Sam Oldham expresses a juxtaposition of strength and grace that encapsulates the label's vision of modern masculinity, further emphasised by model Oliver Jones' portrayal of 'naive youth liberated in a concrete and steel setting'.

An intentional abrupt beginning and end startles the senses and causes a slight disturbance, leaving the viewer without a definitive end, completely considered but still raw and unfinished; in a way, similar to the designs in the collection.