Brixton Fall 2013


1. To live. To remain alive.
2. To live through. To outlive.
3. To carry on despite hardships; or the death of a loved one.
from Latin, supervivere, super ‘over, beyond’ + vivere ‘to live’; or ‘to live beyond’. 

SURVIVE is an exhibition featuring a conceptually coherent and significant, original body of work by L.A. based emerging artists SINER, FISHE, DREYE, KYLE THOMAS, and NATHAN SMITH.

The exhibition will feature 36 3x4 ft. canvasses. The artists work from the same flat monochromatic palette mixing ink, acrylic, markers, brush, rollers, and spray paint.

Their abstract work on the street translates directly across surfaces, textures, and contexts onto the canvass. The fearless originality and brutal honesty of their works create a dramatic composition that reflects an aggressive obsession with technique and medium. The works’ distinctively raw aesthetic results in something chaotic, yet unique and beautiful.



SURVIVE has consciously chosen Oakland to follow up New Orleans and Detroit to provoke a dialogue on the transformative power of art. Inviting Bay Area street culture purveyors and art audiences to the showcase of emerging artists in a formerly vacant structure, and now transformed ‘pop-up’ gallery space, the concept, the process, and the art reinforce the purpose: SURVIVE.

To view the making of the traveling exhibition and large-scale street art murals visit: superviveredesign.com

Video Site Credits:
Curator// James W Riley
Creative Direction// James W Riley
Film// Oliver Lukacs
Music// DIAL.81
Layout// Kenny C.
Production// Norman Senn. Damian Esteem.
Special Thanks // Spark Media. Detroit. Inner State Gallery. ZES. REVOK. SINTEX.


Daiki Suzuki "Not Designed But Engineered"

Daiki Suzuki 
The head designer of clothing line "Engineered Garments"
 We surf together almost every weekend, and I became interested
in shooting his daily life after surfing. Concept behind this short film
is his core creative philosophy "Not Designed But Engineered" 

Directed by Manabu Gaku Inada

Pure Breeds: The Saluki

Graydon Sheppard's Celebration of the Animal Elite Reaches its Grand Finale

Warning: The above video contains many feathered coats, large eyes and wet noses. The viewer may witness scenes of astonishing dignity, dramatic posing and movement at great speed.

Writer and filmmaker Graydon Sheppard offers up the third and final installment of Pure Breeds, the series that celebrates the most charming and beautiful of pedigree pets. Having tackled the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Cornish Rex, today the creator of the internet phenomenon Shit Girls Say looks at the Saluki, thought to be the fastest dog on earth. The Saluki is alleged to be the most ancient of purebred animals, with mentions of similar hounds appearing in the Bible, the Avesta and the Koran. Petroglyphs and other forms of rock art showing Saluki-like dogs were created as early in human history as 10,000 BC. “My boyfriend came across a video of some Salukis online, and we were instantly fascinated,” says Sheppard. “They seemed so rare and elegant. They look like rich old ladies and they have that attitude, too, like they're saying devastating things about your wardrobe when you're not within earshot.”

Today we look at the Saluki. We understand that this time around the talent were less than cooperative on set. Can you elaborate?
Graydon Sheppard:
They’re not so much difficult as “over it,” and they are not interested in posing for very long. I tried to put a pharaoh hat on one of the dogs but he wasn’t interested. Salukis are also very fast and bouncy, so getting them to sit still for long periods was tricky. But they’re so damn pretty. When we got the shots it was worth all the hassle.

The Saluki has been immortalized in art and religious texts for thousands of years. How do you think their personalities reflect their pedigree?
There's definitely something otherworldly about them. It's kind of like that attitude of “being in the world but not of the world.” When I met these dogs they got right up in my face and stared into my eyes as if to examine my soul, but they could just as easily look right through you. That’s a bit dramatic, but they really are sprite-like.

Throughout this series we have heard about your family dog Molson. Last time you shared an anecdote about his having eaten an entire Christmas-worth of gifts. We love Molson. One last story? 
One day I took him with me for a swim. He was doing this insane back-and-forth thing—running in and out of the lake, screaming—when he stopped, chest-deep, looked at me, and retched in the water. I wasn’t much in the mood for a dip after that.


Everybody Street Trailer


For the Real Fantasies FW2013 by AMO, Prada introduces a sophisticated domestic imagery. Characters perform in a world of distorted normality, a collection of everyday moments assembled together to form the film noir of commonness.

The main topics explored in the collection stem from raw elegance and banal emotion, weaving in multiple interconnected stories. Profound romanticism, stories of normal men, women, and life, are brought together as an animated puzzle of recognizable daily elements.

For the first time, the inspirations from both MAN and WOMAN shows overlap to shape a distorted graphic universe. Urbanity and a mysterious domestic ambience merge in a sequence of stories where simplicity is observed as the ultimate form of perfection.


Art Direction by AMO:
Lok Jansen
Jeroen Koolhaas
Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli
Miguel Taborda
Lucia Venturini

Lok Jansen
Jeroen Koolhaas

Editing and Visual Effects by APRIL:
Matteo Frittelli
Gabrio Bellotti

Music by 3o:
Andrea Cassano
Alessandro Sicardi
Fabio Visocchi

Filming by APRIL:
Matteo Frittelli
Gabrio Bellotti

Focus Puller by 4FRIENDS:
Krishna Agazzi
Massimo Cecchini
Gaia Ferme


'A day in the life of a British clothing factory' explores Sunspel’s unique philosophy of design and craft. Filmed, Directed and Edited by Danny Cooke
Timelapse Photography by Alex Thornton
Production: Laura Holmes Production

DAMIR DOMA Men's Spring Summer 2014 Mood

Produced by: Fabrice Davillé

Directed by: Thibault Della Gaspera


Ray-Ban Remix

Ray-Ban Remix lets you customize your own pair of sunglasses by mixing and matching frontal and temple, colors and lenses and then top it off with a personalized engraving.

Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls filmed from a DJI Phantom with a GoPro Hero 3


LOVE magazine issue 10

cover by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott.
The Sweetie Issue Autumn/Winter 2013 is out July 29.


Ryan Heffington + Daniel Trese - Live Nude Dancing - Artist Video Projects - MOCAtv

A gleefully intense psychodrama told through dance, cue cards, green-screen illusions, and computer-generated rendering of an interior dysmorphia, Live Nude Dancing, a collaboration between photographer Daniel Trese, choreographer Ryan Heffington, and animator Johnny Woods, is a sneering dare to get in the ring and move your body. Based on a piece from Heffington's critically acclaimed KTCHN, a performance installation inspired by the garish, emotionally aloof characters which populate the paintings of Nolan Hendrickson, here a dancer in Ronald McDonald-inspired drag inhabits a referee's black and white jersey and seduces a cuckolding audience with gyrations and nimble sashaying. Convulsing in the ecstatic throes under the spotlight, the protagonist becomes exhausted by the insistence of the public eye, and in desperation clings to his nimbus of fame by performing at the feet of villains who rain streams of cash on this victim of desire. Like KTCHN, Live Nude Dancing borrows formal elements of dance, fashion, punk, performance art and social sculpture in order to explore a fascinating intersection of celebrity culture, a binary of public-versus-private image, and new elements of drag and queer culture. Heffington, who designed public dance events and environments for the re-launch of the Engagement Party of The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles in 2010, challenges viewers to dance and express themselves not to propagate relations of power, but to transcend them.

GREEDY BOY original music written and performed by Alex Black.

Directed by Daniel Trese.
Edited by Michael Gervais.
Choreographed by Ryan Heffington.
3D animation and compositing by Johnny Woods.
Character modeling, texturing, and rigging by Ricky Calvit Jonsson Jr.
Produced by Daniel Trese, Michael Gervais, and Allison Karman.
Shot by Daniel Trese.
Dancers: Hunter Hamilton (Gayle), Tara Brook (Val), Marlon Pelayo (Jimbo).
Costumes by Mindy Le Brock.
Makeup by Will Lemon.
Hair by Yuya Takahashi.
Set design by Adrian Gilliland.


Born in 1978 in Hiroshima, Horitaro Yuki, starts tattooing at age 17.
In 1997 in Kawasaki, he's struck by Japanese traditional tattooing and discovers it's sophistication as disciple of prestigious Hori-Hito.
For the next five years under his master's teaching, he improves upon this ancestral art, before taking his independence under the patronage of Hiro-Hito. He founds his own tattoo studio in his hometown, Hiroshima. As the tradition has it, his master Hiro-Hito gives Horitaro his artist name : Hori-Taro.
Today, while not neglecting modernity, he performs "tebori"(手彫り, literally "hand carving"), a rare Japanese technique using the force of the wrist only.
Depending on the size and the complexity of the design, the completion of the tattoo can take several years work.
Driven by constantly improving his skills, Hori-Taro puts all his energies to reach new levels, while respecting the tradition and the codes of this old mythical Art: "Irezumi" (Japanese tattoo).


Proenza Schouler Fall Winter 2013 Ad Campaign Video

A film for Proenza Schouler

Directed by
David Sims with Eddie the Wheel

Shakes by Muuy Biien

Video Production


film by Jaime Rubiano co-director Jason Last
model Valerija Kelava@OUI Management
make-up William Bartel@Artlist
hair Marki Shkreli@Artlist
music composer Nicolas Leau

special thanks to:
Pin-Up Studios, Max Nicolelli, Sabrina Marshall, Oui management, & Artlist

The Hybrid Lavas - I-D-N

Video by M'aayan Goldman & Dudi Hason



This song is a southern drag classic revisited by Lady Bunny. Thanks to the electrifying Daisy Dalton for turning me onto this comedy classic--this was her signature number at Chattanooga's Go-Go Club and they lined up to tip this great gal whenever she performed this. She personified sass! R.I.P. Daisy Dalton.

Pure Breeds: The Cornish Rex

Graydon Sheppard’s Latest Furry Subject is a Feline with a Curious Tale

Warning: The above video contains much downy fur, a pair of heterochromatic eyes, and some strong language. The viewer may witness scenes of scratching, preening and meowing. 

Writer and filmmaker Graydon Sheppard offers up the second installment of Pure Breeds, the series that celebrates the most interesting and aristocratic of pedigree pets. Following last week’s focus on the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, today the creator of the internet phenomenon Shit Girls Say looks at the Cornish Rex, the short-haired cat well-known for its intelligence, mischievous demeanor and playful nips. Experts have it that the Rex’s long legs and light build make it perfectly suited for running: it is described as “the Greyhound of the cat world” by The International Cat Association. “Cornish Rexes are like little dogs in a lot of ways,” says Sheppard. “They ran up and greeted us, unlike most cats who would usually hide under a bed if strangers came. But they’re also aloof. They don’t need your affection.”

Were there any particularly interesting challenges you met, in filming the Cornish Rex?

Graydon Sheppard:
Herding cats is always hard. The neon-rave scene was really chaotic and strange to film, a bit nightmarish to be in a dark basement with glowing cats and strobe lights. And I got a few scratches while dressed as Marilyn Manson. I don’t think any cat likes to be held against bare skin.

Why look at the Rex? Is there some personal attachment to the breed?

A good friend has a Rex named Winston, and I’ve never met a cat so immediately affectionate but independent. He’ll sit on your chest and lick your neck endlessly. After a while it starts to hurt, though.

In our last conversation we discussed Molson, the Bouvier-Shepherd cross, your family dog. (For the benefit of readers who may not yet be up to speed, Molson was named after the beer brand, and “screamed like a human”) NOWNESS would very much like to hear more about Molson, and his adventures.

Ha! I got him when I was 13, shortly after I got my first job, and could afford to buy the family Christmas presents. I was so excited and felt like a fully-actualized, adult human person. I put Molson in my room for a couple of hours. When I came back he had torn apart every single gift. There were cushions I got for my grandmother that had been ripped open and full boxes of ‘deluxe’ chocolates that he had devoured. I was very upset, but I was also a little worried that he was going to die from eating so much chocolate. In the end he was fine and my grandma was probably happy that she didn’t have to display the tacky pillows I got her.

Finally, how do you feel about costumes on pets? Do purebreds deserve that kind of special treatment, or do outfits demean an otherwise proud and noble breed?

I love costumes on pets. They’re so cute, especially on cats who look grumpy in costumes. One of my favorite GIFs is of a cat in a bee costume who looks at the camera and falls over. It’s endlessly adorable. I think that if someone feels a dog is being demeaned by getting dressed up in a super-cute outfit then they’re probably just jealous of the attention the dog’s getting. Come on prudes, join the party!


Skateboarding in India Episode 3

We joined the Holystoked skateboarding crew from Bangalore and the 2er building crew from Hannover, along with 24 skateboarders and builders from around the world to build the first, free public use skate park in India. Professional skateboarders Chet Childress, Al Partanen, Stefan Janoski, Omar Salazar, Lennie Burmeister, and Rob Smith all joined in on the build and skated the finished project.

DIRECTED AND FILMED BY Simon Weyhe & Mathias Nyholm Schmidt
EDITED BY Simon Weyhe
ADDITIONAL EDIT BY Mathias Nyholm Schmidt
MUSIC PRODUCED BY Anders Christophersen
MUSICIANS Silas Tinglef, Jacob Bellens, Anders Christensen, Jeppe
Hojaard, Anders Christophersen, Wslsrecords

Download SHOWstudio: Punk: After Anarchy - Tom Guinness

Coinciding with the Met exhibition Punk: Chaos to Couture, on which Nick Knight served as a creative consultant, SHOWstudio celebrates fashion film with a dynamic new series. A range of our talented contributors were tasked with exploring punk's central theme of personal expression and DIY by creating or customising a special item of clothing to serve as the subject of their fashion film. Watch the films or purchase the one-off garments from SHOWstudio Shop.

Stylist Tom Guinness explores the multifaceted visual codes and legacies of punk in this dynamic fashion film

Concept, direction and styling: Tom Guinness; Cinematography: Pablo Tapia Pia; Performance: Isa Tineo; Edit: Pablo Tapia Pia; Stylist assistance: Akeem Smith; Fashion: Tartan trousers Comme des Garçons Homme Plus; Soundtrack: Tamil song instrumental mixed with N.W.O. by Minestry


The Flying Man

A new superhero is coming, only this time it's on his terms. Will he still be considered a hero? Directed, produced, financed, edited and story by Marcus Alqueres
Sound and score by: Roger Lima
 Manager: Scott Glassgold / IAM Entertainment

Written by: Henry Grazinoli and Marcus Alqueres
DOP: Anthony Scott Burns
Production Manager: Christopher Yurkovich
Visual Effects: João Sita / Marcus Alqueres
Mike: Nick Smyth
Rob: Rick Cordeiro
Voices:Justin T. Lee
Colorist: Marco Polsinelli from Topix Fx
A/B Camera: Julian Van Mill / Anthony Scott Burns / Marcus Alqueres
Script Revision: Moss Badran
Sound Recordist: David Guerra / Randy Resh
Production Assistant: Nick Bechard
Additional DOP: Marcus Alqueres (opening and hospital scenes)
Makeup: Helen Johns / Carly Sellen
Special Thanks:
Beatriz Costa / Daniel Luna / Richard Penner / Sarah Arruda
Fernando Faria / Livia Ramos / Xande Torres / Chris Bahry -
Sylvain Taillon / Chris Wallace


Out of the Furnace - Official Trailer

From Scott Cooper, the critically-acclaimed writer and director of Crazy Heart, comes a gripping and gritty drama about family, fate, circumstance, and justice. Russell Baze (Christian Bale) has a rough life: he works a dead-end blue collar job at the local steel mill by day, and cares for his terminally ill father by night. When Russell's brother Rodney (Casey Affleck) returns home from serving time in Iraq, he gets lured into one of the most ruthless crime rings in the Northeast and mysteriously disappears. The police fail to crack the case, so - with nothing left to lose - Russell takes matters into his own hands, putting his life on the line to seek justice for his brother. The impressive cast of Christian Bale and Casey Affleck are rounded out by Woody Harrelson, Forest Whitaker, Zoe Saldana, Sam Shepard and Willem Dafoe.

Director: Scott Cooper

Cast: Christian Bale, Woody Harrelson, Casey Affleck, Forest Whitaker, Willem Dafoe, Zoe Saldana, Sam Shepard

Topman Cuffed


Mirror City Timelapse

When I first started Mirror City, I wanted to create a video that was completely out of the norm. I wanted to showcase something unique and artistic, which takes Timelapse photography into a more abstract direction. Mirror City is a visual story through some of the great American cities: Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. These clips were all processed from their original form, into the kaleidoscopic visuals that you see in this video. Many people visit these large cities every day, and all of these places have been shot and filmed, but I wanted to emulate these urban landscapes in a way that nobody has even seen before. I wanted to put man-made geometric shapes, mixed with elements of color and movement to create less of a structured video, and more of a plethora of visual stimulation.
The video starts off with simple mirrors and recognizable architecture, as the video progresses, so does the visual stimulation, showing the real abstraction of the piece.
I have worked on this piece for an extremely long amount of time. I have spent time mirroring images and videos for the past five years, and I have been working on this specific piece for about four months. I felt it was time to combine Timelapse photography and the simplicity of a kaleidoscope, and create Mirror City. 
Directed, Filmed & Edited: Michael Shainblum

CocoRosie - Child Bride

directed by Emma Freeman



Aspire is commissioned by FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2013, international and interdisciplinary fashion event. Aspire tells the story about the lives experienced by creatives. They can be considered nomads who are struggeling to survive and settle their camps from time to time. People around us are constantly influenced by each other. Aspire is based on FASHIONCLASH, a unique platform where aspiring, talented artists can present their work and get inspired by the art of fashion.

Written & directed: Strictua
Editing and post-production: Strictua
Composer & sound design: Oby Nine
Art direction: FASHIONCLASH / Strictua
Creative advisor: Peter Stigter
Script reader: Joost Horward
Make-up artist: Romina Hermans

-The travellers: Nina Willems, Kiki Willems, Kursad Tas, Jeffrey Franssen
-Grey people: Josien Hennen, Michel Vanderheijden Van Tinteren, Nina Kuiper, Pierre Grispen, Branko Popovic,
Jasper Spobeck, Foteini Tsimpouka, Katharina Milz, Laurens Hamacher, Qingbing Yuan, Simona Manole, Yisha Bu

108 Years of Herman Miller (in 108 Seconds)

To celebrate the launch of WHY, we asked animators Part of a Bigger Plan to answer the big question—Why has Herman Miller thrived for 108 years?

We'll take care of the rest, bringing you a new story every week.


Nike Presents: Nature Amplified

Nike's "Nature Amplified" design ethos, which focuses on the body in motion and is driven by scientific data and athlete insights. Adding positives. Removing negatives. Nothing more. Nothing less. Designing for what nature would have done if nature knew what we wanted the human body to achieve.

Susie Bubble in conversation with Diane Pernet

Two of the world’s biggest bloggers go head to head and discuss the digital revolution.

What would Susie Bubble and fellow blogger Diane Pernet’s lives be like without the internet? Diane counts as a pioneer of live-blogging and social media; she was one of the first people to blog on a phone straight from the shows in a pre-smartphone era. This obviously had a huge influence on Susie, who was just starting off. Today, she still cites Diane as one of her mentors. Here they discuss the multitude of different roles they play as bloggers, the boundless freedom of the internet, and how A Shaded View on Fashion drastically changed Susie’s perception of fashion.

Susie Bubble owes quite a bit to the online world – after starting her blog Style Bubble in 2006, she fell into fashion ‘‘purely as an accident’’. As part of Glacéau vitaminwater's #shinebright competition, Susie will be selecting her first-ever intern to work alongside her at London Fashion Week. The winner will be a well-organised young creative with an artistic and analytical approach, with entries hand picked by Susie from the very best #shinebright summer must-have pictures tweeted to her.

‘‘I'd really like that person to learn about fashion as I know it – that it involves a lot of hard working people, a lot of different components to come together in a fashion show and that ultimately there is a lot of graft involved to make those magic moments happen. You won't get very far if you're just hanging around in a sponsor's lounge quaffing champagne.’’ Susie will be teaching her young apprentice everything about setting up and organising their own blog, alongside giving them the chance to collaborate with her on London Fashion Week commissions.

shot by Julien Pujol & Franck Bouron
edited by Steve McInerney
music by Alex Patchwork
produced by London Sessions Productions
for Dazed Digital 2013

Mazzy Star - California

from the new album "Seasons Of Your Day" - In Stores September 24th via Rhymes Of An Hour Records.


Pure Breeds: The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Hilarious First Episode of Graydon Sheppard’s Brand New Pet Project

From writer and filmmaker Graydon Sheppard comes the surreal new series, Pure Breeds, celebrating the most refined of pedigree pets. Commissioned exclusively for NOWNESS, we get better acquainted with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, well known for its silky coat, loyalty and affectionate demeanor. Heed the following warning: the above video contains wet noses, dreamy eyes, wagging tails and gently rippling fur. The viewer may witness scenes of panting, barking and frolicking. Sheppard's YouTube hit, Shit Girls Say, whose first episode featured a brilliant cameo from Juliette Lewis, has seen in excess of 30 million views. “I hadn’t really done much comedy before, and I love dressing up, so it was a perfect opportunity,” says Sheppard about the viral phenomena that started as a Twitter feed. We met him to discuss the pleasures of working with such distinguished house pets.

Can you tell us a little about why you wanted to look at purebreds?
Graydon Sheppard:
I’m a dog nut. It used to be so bad that when I saw a cute dog on the street and got to pet it, I would cry. Purebred dogs and cats are odd in that they’re ‘luxury animals,’ so they’re gorgeous and have interesting histories, but they’re also just animals that like to play and that I like to pet. They’re usually presented as either snooty Westminster dog show prize-winners, or disease-riddled, inbred sad-sacks, and I wanted to find that place in the middle without ignoring those elements.

Pure Breeds shows a love of household pets. Have you ever been a pet owner?
It’s definitely a love. I had a dog named Molson, like the beer, 'cause I was a classy 13-year-old. He was a Humane Society mutt, we think a Bouvier-Shepherd cross, and he was so cute and docile and sweet when we went to meet him for the first time. But once we adopted him he turned into a total mental patient. He would literally scream like a human at the top of his lungs when we drove with him to obedience classes. I loved him so much. Bad dogs are cool.

How did the talent behave on set? Were they cooperative?  Did they make unfair demands?GS: On the shoot day their little personalities shone through. Mylee was definitely the star, so the script changed because of her. When one dog would leave its position and run away, she would just jump into frame and sit exactly where the other dog was supposed to have been.

The animal whose personality most closely reflects your own is a..?
Persian cat.

And why is that?
We’re both lazy assholes, I’m just slightly better at hiding it.

Which of the “Shit [insert noun] Say” spin-offs was your favorite?
GS: “Shit Sri Lankan Mothers Say.”

The Lost Boys

LOST BOYS is an on-going project for which I document the lives of a group of 3 to 8 boys that live on the streets of Bucharest. These kids are the leftovers from a recovering country that was ruled by Nicolae Ceaucescu until 1989, when he and his wife were sentenced to death, and communism fell for good. These boys are referred to as the 3rd generation that remains living on the streets and in the tunnels. They form their own communities and bond new families. Although life is tough, for most of these kids, it seems to be all they want:

"I want to stay here, up down up down, thats the system"-Costel

David Bowie - Valentine's Day

Directed by Indrani and Markus Klinko



Kenzo Fall - Winter 2013

Directed by Partel Oliva
Produced by Iconoclast
Producer: Roman Pichon Herrera
DOP: Nicolas Loir
Editor: Nicolas Larrouquere
Post-production by Nightshift
Stunters: Hadrien Bourdaudui and Joeffrey Bernard
Model : Marcele Dal Cortivo @ Oui Management
Music by Mykki Blanco "Kingpinning" (produced by Brenmar)

Special thanks to Ateliers Ruby.

The film CLOUDBUSTING was directed by Partel Oliva, a creative duo who also oversees the artistic direction of all communication at KENZO.

Here Partel Oliva propose their interpretation of the fantastic and post-romantic universe of the men's collection and women's precollection for Fall/Winter 2013: an abstract tale also populated by stunt riders. A dream steeped in the troubling atmosphere of Day Clouds and Night Clouds; the key prints of these collections.

"The concept came from the Men's collection. At the show, we saw these looks emerge, precise and technical, as if powered by a definite sense of purpose, but also embellished and decorated with painterly motifs. The contrast was beautiful, like a hand embroidered space suit, something in itself almost contradictory. We wanted to develop this first impression by finding the perfect world from which these looks were beamed, and the duty to which they were dedicated. From this came the motorbikes, the helmeted acrobats endlessly polishing off impossible movements and the girl in the middle, who follows her own set of rules and splinters the perfect order." Partel Oliva

The Sound Of Hermès Silver

What if silver had a sound?

Chanting...enchanting chains, bracelets, rings; this is the sound of Hermès Silver.

Out of obscurity a series laser strikes a piece of jewellery placed on metallic turntables, then moves over it, caressing its volume, and coaxes from it its own particular voice. Chaîne d'ancre and its variations, Initiale, Parade, Osmose and Etcaetera - each of Pierre Hardy's creations find musical expression. These alien notes then join together to create an experimental symphony.

This interpretation of The Sound of Silver is a performance initiated in collaboration with United Visual Artist (UVA), the British design practise.

Director: Caswell Coggins

Music: YoggyOne


Julian Assange interviewed by Vivienne Westwood

Just in Case

Piet Hein Eek Thinks Outside the Box for Ruinart Blanc de Blancs

Dutch artist Piet Hein Eek applies his playful side to Ruinart Blanc de Blancs’ distinctive golden bottle in this short film by Benoît Millot. Ruinart was the first Champagne house to make the change from shipping bottles in baskets to wooden crates in 1769, in a bid to protect their precious cargo. Since commissioning Alfonse Mucha to create a poster for the brand in 1895, and having become the official champagne partner for Art Basel and Art Basel Miami in 2010, Ruinart has developed strong links with the worlds of contemporary art, recently collaborating with individuals such as Maarten Baas and Gideon Rubin. Piet Hein Eek, who runs a studio with fellow designer Nob Ruijgrok in Eindhoven, has established a signature style creating one-off objects through old pieces of wood and has exhibited worldwide at venues including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Salone del Mobile in Milan. The unique trapezoid boxes were crafted with pale wood found and collected by Piet Hein Eek, and perfectly house the bottles while inspiring an abundance of ways the shape can be used to create other objects. One of these is a monumental, six-meter-wide arch that Piet Hein Eek revealed at this year’s Art Basel, made to house over 240 discretely illuminated bottles.


Skateboarding in India Episode 2

We joined the Holystoked skateboarding crew from Bangalore and the 2er building crew from Hannover, along with 24 skateboarders and builders from around the world to build the first, free public use skate park in India. Professional skateboarders Chet Childress, Al Partanen, Stefan Janoski, Omar Salazar, Lennie Burmeister, and Rob Smith all joined in on the build and skated the finished project.

DIRECTED AND FILMED BY Simon Weyhe & Mathias Nyholm Schmidt
EDITED BY Simon Weyhe
ADDITIONAL EDIT BY Mathias Nyholm Schmidt
MUSIC PRODUCED BY Anders Christophersen
MUSICIANS Silas Tinglef, Jacob Bellens, Anders Christensen, Jeppe
Hojaard, Anders Christophersen, Wslsrecords

Comme des Garçons SHIRT Spring/Summer 2014


Comme des Garçons Homme Plus Spring/Summer 2014

Junya Watanabe Men's Spring/Summer 2014

Club to Catwalk

Discover the creative explosion of London fashion in the 1980s in a major exhibition at the V&A. Through more than 85 outfits, Club to Catwalk: London Fashion in the 1980s showcases the bold and exciting new looks by the most experimental young designers of the decade, including Betty Jackson, Katharine Hamnett, Wendy Dagworthy and John Galliano.
The exhibition traces the emerging theatricality in British fashion as the capital’s vibrant and eclectic club scene influenced a new generation of designers. Also celebrating iconic styles such as New Romantic and High Camp, and featuring outfits worn by Adam Ant and Leigh Bowery, the exhibition explores how the creative relationship between catwalk and club wear helped reinvent fashion, as reflected in magazines such as i-D and Blitz and venues including Heaven and Taboo.

from  10 July 2013 to 16 February 2014
Victoria and Albert Museum
South Kensington
Cromwell Road


Desert Runner shot for Arena HOMME+

Out west, somewhere between Dillon and Berdoo Canyon Road, Austin Hall runs through the latter part of the SS13 men's collections. From dawn till dusk he runs.

film by Detlef Schneider
fashion stylist: Shala Rothenberg
Model: Austin Hall @ L.A. MODELS
dop: Max Christmann
producer: Frank Roller @ Glampr.com
music: Ross Tones -Throwing Snow - Behest
grooming: Lucy Halperin
focus puller: Jeff Vogeding
post production: Raquel Caro Nunez, Carl Krause and Max Christmann
storyboard artist: Jeff Errico
Fashion: Dior Homme, Dries Van Noten, Y-3, Jil Sander, BOSIE New York, Marc Jacobs, Kenzo, Dolce & Gabbana, Nike, Raf Simons.

El Bulli's Ferran Adrià on his Art of Food exhibition at Somerset House


Wilderness Embodied

Iris Van Herpen Couture Collection AH 2013-2014


Some take it slow. Others love like no tomorrow. Written & Directed by Nicholas Maggio
Starring Nathan Mitchell & Mariella Valentino
Director Of Photography
Andy J. Scott

Second Unit Director Of Photography
Justin Schaefers

Edited By Andy J. Scott
Styled By Rob and Mariel (The Magnet Agency)
Hair By Alex Polillo (The Magnet Agency)

Special thanks to Robbie Pyle and the Insensitive Gentlemen, Los Angeles Chapter


Think Talk: Banksy

The world's most famous street artist talks about graffiti boy bands and the importance of a sensible breakfast.

DOWNTOWN Calvin Klein, featuring Rooney Mara

Introducing DOWNTOWN, a new fragrance by Calvin Klein. Featuring Rooney Mara and directed by David Fincher. Music: "Runaway" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.



A young girl, creative and idealistic, dreams of brighter days in a forgotten Eastern European city. Her fate is inextricably sealed when she crosses paths with a scheming, and enigmatic old woman, who harbors a dark secret. What seems like a small act of cruelty between strangers, will fracture the very foundations of a city.

written and directed by Peter Szewczyk In association with BBC Film Network and BBC HD ©2011 A Light + Mathematics Production


Honda "Hands" film celebrates the curiosity of Honda engineers, which has led to some of the most successful Honda innovations over the past 65 years.

Agency Wieden + Kennedy



The Nova Shoe is available for pre-order in silver chromed, black chromed and rose gold chromed, limited to 100 pairs per color. USD 2000 / EURO 1500 / GBP 1300. Sizes: 35 to 40

Skateboarding in India Episode 1

We joined the Holystoked skateboarding crew from Bangalore and the 2er building crew from Hannover, along with 24 skateboarders and builders from around the world to build the first, free public use skate park in India. Professional skateboarders Chet Childress, Al Partanen, Stefan Janoski, Omar Salazar, Lennie Burmeister, and Rob Smith all joined in on the build and skated the finished project.

DIRECTED AND FILMED BY Simon Weyhe & Mathias Nyholm Schmidt
EDITED BY Simon Weyhe
ADDITIONAL EDIT BY Mathias Nyholm Schmidt
MUSIC PRODUCED BY Anders Christophersen
MUSICIANS Silas Tinglef, Jacob Bellens, Anders Christensen, Jeppe
Hojaard, Anders Christophersen, Wslsrecords

DAMIR DOMA Men's Spring Summer 2014


VIKTOR & ROLF Haute Couture collection fall winter 2013/2014


Photos by: Matteo Felici
Make up by: Federica Prontera

Leitmotiv man SS 2014, a romantic enfant savage, is ready to leave by his boat and to reach the Paradise Island where everything is possible.
In his dreamy life tropical landscapes are mixed with punk views and in this way natural and artificial scenes live together.
Leitmotiv man dresses brief and boxer swimsuit, reversible swim shorts that allows him to live the island in extreme freedom.
Although the dreamy paradise inspires his creativity, the street captures his attention.
Graffiti, metallic stuff, skateboards and barbed wire appear on the dresses as unique signs of his urban adventures.
In this island everything could happen and dreams become true, Leitmotiv man imagines and lives his Paradise Island with this awareness.

Dancing on The Edge of Perception

Twenty-seven years ago, Pete Eckert was fast on his way to a career in architecture when he received the heart-breaking diagnosis for Retinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease that often, and quickly, leads to blindness. Ironically, it was also during this time that he discovered his mother's old camera. Almost immediately, he felt compelled to dedicate himself to this intensely visual medium despite his devastating diagnosis. He quickly enrolled in art school and, within the limited time he still had his vision, gathered as much knowledge of the craft as possible. While he soon lost the ability to see, he has also since become an award-winning photographer. “I view my work during the event of taking the shot in my mind’s eye,” he says. “I 'see' each shot very clearly, only I use sound, touch, and memory.” Eckert takes his photos mostly at night, when his hometown of Sacramento is quiet and empty, and he can move around more easily. Although they clearly depict the isolation from the world of those who see, Eckert considers his highly stylized "light paintings" to be a bridge between the world of the blind and the sighted. Being around such a confident and creative individual, you often forget that, as Eckert puts it, he is “only a tourist in the sighted world.”


Justin Timberlake - Tunnel Vision

Executive Producer: Jeff Nicholas
Produced by Jonathan Craven and Nathan Scherrer
Directed by Jonathan Craven, Simon McLoughlin and Jeff Nicholas for The Uprising Creative
Director Of Photography: Sing Howe Yam
Editor: Jacqueline London

Official music video by Justin Timberlake performing Tunnel Vision. (C) 2013 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Fall-Winter 2013/14 Haute Couture CHANEL


Lanvin Men's Spring/Summer 2014

Emerging Artist

Currently on view at EXPO 1: New York at MoMA PS1 Direction: DIS
Post Production Director: Ruy Sanchez-Blanco, Blank Motion
Director of Photography: Brendan Stumpf
Editor: Sam Maliszewski, Blank Motion
Gaffer: Andrew Smith
Steadicam Operator: John Kelley
Camera Assistant: Kyler Dennis
Hair and Makeup: Brandy McDonald
Voiceover Artist: Wavy Spice
Production Assistant: Joyce Ng
Special thanks to Blank Motion, Sarah Lookofsky, Kevin McGarry, Nick Weiss, and Felix Burrichter.