For its second short film, french brand sansnom. decided to take a step further into the sportswear dynamic by portraying the journey of two completely different lives and men reunited under the same values : Ambition,Competitivity and Passion.
The short film is dissected in 3 different parts and times that reflects each values.
You will be able to catch the mental preparation and the mindset of each characters at the beginning of the film that shows how focus theses characters are on what they want to accomplish. Following this is the performance, based upon the idea that with competitivity and sport you are forced to push the boundaries and limits of your assets and weakness no matter your age or the level you play or the team you play for. At the end of the story, it's just about the passion for the game you play, the climax the stress and here also, it's not about your skills and your level it's about what you want to do on the field for your team.
sansnom. is a french brand that makes timeless clothing with a sportswear vision.