It's 1994 and there's no Internet. So 14-year-old Jack Hoffman sets off on a quest to find and retrieve a stash of gay porn from across town before anyone finds out.

Ellen Von Unwerth for Mojeh Magazine

MOJEH Magazine is a bi-monthly fashion and lifestyle publication, offering exquisite style and the finest beauty and culture. With MOJEH contributors in every city from Paris, Milan and London to LA and the Middle East.


Coldplay - Midnight

Directed by Mary Wigmore

Chop's Mom Drives Him Around the Nation's Murder Capital - Chiraq - Ep 6

In Episode Six of Noisey Chiraq, we tag along with rising super-producer Young Chop, who despite being the most successful beatmaker to emerge from the Chicago rap scene, still doesn't have his drivers license (his mom drives him around). Song-maker for artists like Chief Keef, French Montana, Juicy J, Big Sean and Pusha T, Chop visits Chicago's Bean for the first time ever and we find out the extent of racial segregation in the city.

Vic Mensa & SAVEMONEY Bust Joey Purp Outta Jail - Chiraq - Ep 5

In the fifth episode of Chiraq, we step outside of drill music and catch up with Chicago rapper Vic Mensa and the rest of his SAVEMONEY crew. They spend the day gathering cash to bail fellow rapper Joey Purp out of jail, and on the way we chat about the city's scene. Vic doesn't associate himself with the Chiraq lifestyle because he feels it's too negative, but understands the struggles of those who come from that part of the city. He's also, surprisingly, a really big fan of Rage Against the Machine.


North Korea lights by NASA

without lights but with hope that the world wake up.

Louis W For A.P.C.

Take a look at the latest in the long line of videos from Louis W for A.P.C. Called "Bent for You", which follows a day in the life of an urban dancer. Come for the awesome soundtrack by Maelstrom, stay for the dancing hot chick. Just click play. At the very least, we promise you'll never look at subway performers again.


African migrants on the shore of Djibouti city at night, raising their phones in an attempt to capture an inexpensive signal from neighboring Somalia—a tenuous link to relatives abroad. Djibouti is a common stop-off point for migrants in transit from such countries as Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea, seeking a better life in Europe and the Middle East.

2014 World Press Photo of the Year winner 2014 contest -John Stanmeyer, U.S.A.


G-Star RAW Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign - The Challenge.

In 2014, G-Star re-thinks the status quo and re-thinks beauty. With chess as a metaphor for life and the G-Star design ethos, the campaign is a call to think and re-think every move, to always move forward.

In the campaign film directed by Shueti, Magnus Carlsen and Lily Cole enter a fantastical game of chess in a surreal landscape of concrete and steel. Drawing a link between Carlsen, Cole and G-Star, the film shows how an uncompromising attitude is key to moving forward, in any pursuit.

video directed by Shueti

Pink Mountaintops - Ambulance City

from 'Get Back' out April 29, 2014 on Jagjaguwar.

 Artist/ Director Statement:
McBean overheard Jaffe drunkenly bragging in a backyard about her state of the art 80's VHS camera. Ambulance City will mark the first time they've worked together since 1431 while serving drinks at Joan of Arc's execution.

Inspired by Swedish Erotica, Cpl. Klinger, and totes non-poser aspirations.

Thanks to Valley Recording Company, the Tam O'Shanter and to all the entities which inspired us to create such a groundbreaking work of art and depth.



Young and Gay in Putin's Russia

When Russian President Vladimir Putin banned gay "propaganda" in June last year, Russia's LGBT community went from being a stigmatized fringe group to full-blown enemies of the state. Homophobia becoming legislation means it’s now not only accepted in Russia but actively encouraged, which has led to a depressing rise in homophobic attacks and murders.
The main aim of the law, which essentially bans any public display of homosexuality, is to prevent minors from getting the impression that being gay is normal. Which means that, if you’re young and gay in Putin’s Russia, you’re ostracized and cut off from any kind of legal support network.
We travel to Russia ahead of February's Sochi Winter Olympics to investigate the effects of the country's state-sanctioned homophobia. We take a ride in Moscow's gay taxi service, hear about the rise of homophobic vigilante groups, and meet Yulia, who runs LGBT self-defense classes.

MA Fashion Design Technology Menswear Internal Show 2014


Building The Great Cathedrals

How did medieval engineers construct magnificent skyscrapers of glass and stone? Take a dazzling architectural journey inside those majestic marvels of Gothic architecture, the great cathedrals of Chartres, Beauvais and other European cities. Carved from 100 million pounds of stone, some cathedrals now teeter on the brink of catastrophic collapse. To save them, a team of engineers, architects, art historians, and computer scientists searches the naves, bays, and bell-towers for clues. NOVA investigates the architectural secrets that the cathedral builders used to erect their towering, glass-filled walls and reveals the hidden formulas drawn from the Bible that drove medieval builders ever upward.


Cinematics is a timeline of classic films and characters. It's a experimental project that I did in my spare time. Check the complete project here.
All the sound was made by Marcelo Baldin also known as Combustion. He did a fantastic job remixing famous movie themes and blended altogether with a pinch of Aphex Twin's Donkey Rhubarb.

Illustration / design / animation: Pier Paolo
Music / sound design : Marcelo Baldin


Die Bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant (1972)

Petra von Kant is a successful fashion designer - arrogant, caustic, and self-satisfied. She mistreats Marlene (her secretary, maid, and co-designer). Enter Karin, a 23-year-old beauty who wants to be a model. Petra falls in love with Karin and invites her to move in.

directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder

cast with  Margit Carstensen, Hanna Schygulla, Katrin Schaake, Eva MattesGisela Fackeldey


Prada Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Saw your face before

Willy Vanderperre for Dior Homme for Spring/Summer 2014 campaign


Let's Wander in the Chambers of the Sea

The sea is calm. The sea is rough. The sea is meditative. She’s a deep well of experiences and emotions. A stronghold. A space to explore beauty and replenish our souls. This season, we honor our wild and wonderful sea. We thank her for rejuvenating us; we surrender to her mystery. Let’s go to her and dance. Let’s wander through the chambers of the sea.

 Let's Wander in the Chambers of the Sea
Spring 2014 Look Book
A short film by Quality Peoples

2EROS CORE Boxer Shorts

Erik Schedin x Comme Des Garçons



Spring/Summer 2014

Tom Ford Fall Winter 2014/2015

In Residence: Patricia Urquiola

The Spanish Designer Lets Us Into Her Milanese Home and Studio

When I went to Madrid to study architecture, you had to experiment—it was not enough to just be an architect,” says Patricia Urquiola, the Spanish designer recognized for a meteoric rise that saw her break into a male-dominated industry as both an architect and product designer. “When I arrived in Milan I had that attitude. On the surface I was a nice girl doing her homework but actually, I was not so gentle.” Known for her bright, poetic furniture forms, Urquiola is captured in her Milanese apartment surrounded by her collaborative works with Flos, Alessi and B&B Italia. Her approach pays scant attention to the boundaries of traditional practices. “I feel more Milanese than Italian, but still absolutely connected to my Spanish roots,” says the non-conforming creative, whose mentors include her long-term teacher at the Politecnico di Milano, industrial designer Achille Castiglione, and Vico Magistretti, the godfather of modern Italian design. “Being a designer or being an architect, it’s a continuum.


Lil Durk Terrifies the City - Chiraq - Ep 4

In the fourth episode of Noisey's Chiraq, we catch up extensively with Lil Durk, the next superstar of the Drill scene and go to a show with fellow 300 / OTF member Lil Reese.

It's the night of Lollapalooza, but that doesn't matter because inside and outside the venue, the crowd is packed to the walls. Afterwards, we roll through the South Side of Chicago with Durk and meet his family, learning about the life from which he came, and why he "terrifies the city."

Alien vs. Predator vs. Chief Keef - Chiraq - Ep 3

In the third episode of Noisey's Chiraq, we pick up where we left off in Englewood, and get a taste of the new music coming from the area. Then we jump back across the country and join Chief Keef, Fredo Santana, and others wandering around Times Square. They say what's up to Alien and Predator before heading backstage for some free styling as they prepare for a show.

Keef in NYC / Chiraq's New Kids - Chiraq - Ep 2

In the second episode of Noisey's Chiraq, Chief Keef and his crew head to New York while we catch up with MGS and Global Gangstas Entertainment, two other rap collectives in Chicago. They, along with the Chicago Police Department, speak extensively on the social and cultural challenges faced by the community. Near the end, we're introduced to Yung Trell, a 14-year-old rapper from Englewood who's looking for his break.


Welcome to Chiraq - Chiraq - Ep 1

In the first part of Noisey's 8-part documentary Chiraq, we head to Englewood, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city of Chicago, to meet Chief Keef, the most famous rapper in the drill scene.

Unfortunately at the time, Chief was facing legal trouble, so we instead found Young Chop, a producer credited with shaping drill music, and he gives us an overview of the scene. Later, fellow 3Hunna members Lil Durk and Lil Reese expand on Chop's thoughts, and we learn extensively about the violence surrounding the area, and the social and cultural challenges the city faces.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2014/2015

Alexander Wang Fall Winter 2014/2015

Rodarte Fall Winter 2014/2015


Levi's Skateboarding - Spring '14 Collection

For over 30 years skateboarders have been wearing Levi's® Denim. This collection of classic styles - built specifically for skateboarding - focuses on superior construction, durability, and comfort.

SHOWstudio: Proud to Protest: The Fashion Community Support Russia's LGBTI Community

SHOWstudio joined Pugh and Amnesty International in their fight against the prejudice and violence directed towards the LGBTI community in Russia. Pugh and longtime collaborator Nick Knight, SHOWstudio's founder, asked respected figures from across the fashion community, including Kate Moss, Roksanda Ilincic, Katy England, Nasir Mazhar and Henry Holland, to demonstrate their opposition to homophobia by participating in striking 20-second short videos. The first films in the series launch on 14 February to coincide with the beginning of London Fashion Week, which, of course, takes place while the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are on.

A Love Machine



Black Atlass - Blossom

Young Bloods EP Out February 18th on Fool's Gold Records

Directed By Paul Labonté & Cameron Morse
Concept By Scott Pilgrim

Skingraft Fall Winter 2014/2015

El Espacio Sagrado

Purple TV presents a stunning portrait of the Elder Elder Brothers and Ciudad Perdida, the archaeological site of an ancient city in Sierra Nevada, Colombia, by Ivan Olita. They call themselves the Elder Brothers. They call us the younger brothers. It feels they have been around since the beginning of time preserving their ancestral ways of life, maintaining a rich culture and continuing in the education of their so-called "Mamas", priests and wise men trained since their childhood both to preserve and work in the spirit world. They never wrote anything, they just keep on transmitting their knowledge orally. These people are the natives belonging to Colombia. These people are in touch with nature. Really in touch. And nature serves them. She speaks to them, and to you, when you walk 10 hours a day for 4 days to reach Ciudad Perdida, or Teyuna, an astonishing and complex city built over three thousand years ago in the middle of the deepest jungle you could ever imagine. So, when Nature speaks, that’s pretty much what it is, there’s not much to say, just to listen.


U2 - 'Invisible' (RED) Edit Version

The official video for 'Invisible', directed by Mark Romanek. Shot in black and white, in a Santa Monica airport hangar, over three days in January.

A sixty second clip premiered on February 2nd during the Super Bowl, launching a partnership with (RED) and Bank of America in the fight against AIDS.


thisisneverthat Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook


Alexander McQueen Men's Spring/Summer 2014 a film by John Maybury

A film featuring the Alexander McQueen Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 Collection by John Maybury

Faded fabrics that feel they have been left out in the sun and tarnished gold buttons. Hems, lapels and sleeves are unfinished and frayed. The internal structure of suiting is removed to give lightness. The sleeves of a frock coat have been ripped away with seams and shoulder padding left exposed. The silk lining of the suit jacket is introduced as a button-down robe or cardigan, layered over collarless bib shirts and exposed from the sleeves and hem of suit jackets. Worn with pleated loose, long shorts or trousers cropped above the ankle.

The iconic McQueen skull motif is reworked into a cotton lace. The lace is adapted as a print. Distressed floral jacquards. Cotton ticking with embroidered black roses or screen-printed by hand to create a mottled photocopy effect. Washed silk, cashmere and cotton. Engineered brocade jacquard.

A backstage film

KENZO Spring 2014 - Automobile Waltz

To best convey the atmosphere and themes of our Spring 2014 collections for men and women, we collaborated with director Hala Matar and actors Anton Yelchin and Lydia Hearst. The movie seeks to incite the mood and spirit we associate with America's west coast and more importantly the ambience of early 1960's California.
It takes place with our two protagonists riding around a set in vintage cars, arriving at different locations reminiscent of those in old Hollywood movies. The hair is gelled, the conversation is stunted. The atmosphere brings us back to how we feel when watching a Rock Hudson movie and when we look at photos of cocktail parties in Palm Springs. For the director the connection between the cars and the collection is that they "both share the timelessness and classic feel". For us, the wave prints recall an age of visiting the beach during the heyday of 60's surfers.
Both Anton and Lydia embody the leading man versus ingenue qualities that we used to see in movies from the swinging decade. The music, born of a collective of live musicians, a mini-orchestra narrating the action in each scene, effortlessly channeling the dance between man and woman, love and regret.


KENZO Spring-Summer 2014 Campaign by TOILETPAPER

Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, Creative Directors of KENZO are happy to announce another partnership with TOILETPAPER magazine (Maurizio Cattelan, Pierpaolo Ferrari, Micol Talso)
for the KENZO Spring Summer 2014 campaigns for men, women accessories and kids.

Much in the vein of the KENZO Fall Winter 13 campaign, the collaboration leans playfully towards the surreal and paints another picture of the KENZO universe.

Inspired by the primary KENZO Spring Summer themes for men and women, we are plunged into a fantasy world of giant fish, waves and mesmerizing marine elements.
Expressing KENZO's love for art and culture, travel and the colorful, model and actress Devon Aoki features alongside Paul Boche in the series of thought provoking images.

Animation by Thomas Traum
Music: "Groove-Script" by Joe Howe (forthcoming on Sound Pellegrino)


Lacoste Fall Winter 2014/2015

Pedram Karimi S/S 2014

Video Director : Vission
Music : Danny Voicu
Models : Erica & Ryan from Maven Models and Elisabeth from Folio
Photographer: Andy Long Hoang
Styling: Tinashe Musara
Lighting Specialist: Olivier Duplessis
Hair and Makeup: David Matsushita-Fournier


SHOWstudio: SOAP OPERA - Joseph Lally: Episode#2: Mr America

Filmmaker and regular contributor Joseph Lally pioneers a new take on the SHOWstudio film series: an exclusive, artistic soap opera. The series will be, in his words, 'a Warholian epic of people of the worst morals going under a breakdown.' Expect sex, nudity and violence, as well as poetic moments, in this rolling black and white series.

Sochi 2014: Mountains of Money

The Olympics are as much about money as they are about sports. Between merchandising, sponsorships, broadcasting rights, and construction of the Olympic venues themselves, there's a lot of money to be made. In the case of Russia's Winter Olympics in Sochi, there's more money to be made than ever before —especially if you're a friend of President Putin.

The 2014 Winter Games have cost Russia about $50 billion, making them the most expensive in history. Corruption watchdogs say it's ordinary Russians who will end up footing the bill for this excess, not private investors as Putin has suggested.

We went to Sochi to investigate the claims of corruption and kickbacks, tour the some of the most expensive Olympic venues ever built, and talk to Sochi residents who have been pushed aside to make room for Putin's man-made mountains of money.


Inside Net-a-Porter's Strategy for 'Porter' Magazine

BoF founder and editor-in-chief Imran Amed speaks to Net-a-Porter founder Natalie Massenet, editor-in-chief Lucy Yeomans, and VP of Publishing & Media Tess Macleod Smith, on the occasion of the launch of Porter magazine.

"I Never Thought This Could Happen"



SHOWstudio: C.E S/S 14

SHOWstudio is proud to exclusively present a new fashion film by Cav Empt (C.E), a label launched in 2012 by Sk8thing and Toby Feltwell. Admire the brand's Spring/Summer 2014 collection in this striking film, which features a custom soundtrack by acclaimed British techno artist Actress. The work was produced by Ben Drury and Rollo Jackson.

Yohji Yamamoto: The Poet of Black

Yohji Yamamoto reflects on his thirty year career in fashion. In this 20-minute film shot in Yamamoto's Tokyo studio, the designer provides a laconic, engaging and sometimes passionate commentary on his career and design values. He considers how his work has evolved since his Paris debut and explains why he designs so differently for men and women, and also provides a withering personal analysis of the current state of the fashion industry.