Merry Christmas


A woman named Grace retires with her two children to a mansion on Jersey (the Channel Islands), towards the end of the Second World War (1945), where she's waiting for her husband to come back from battle. The children have a disease which means they cannot be touched by direct sunlight without being hurt in some way. They will live alone there with oppressive, strange and almost religious rules, until she needs to hire a group of servants for them. Their arrival will accidentally begin to break the rules with unexpected consequences.

Directed by Alejandro Amenábar

With Nicole Kidman, Fionnula Flanagan, Christopher Eccleston, Alakina Mann, James Bentley, Eric Sykes, Elaine Cassidy, Keith Allen, Renee Asherson, Michelle Fairley.


Walking in Fabrizio Viti Shoes

Step back in time to 1944, following World War II when due to a shortage of resources, the Haute Couture fashion houses of Paris created the Thêatre de la Mode. Imagine a spectacle of fashion in miniature, designed specifically for dolls but with all the exquisite detail and perfection of the regular collections.

Similarly, the shoe department at Louis Vuitton is inextricably connected to the sphere of dolls. Exactly the same workshop in Fiesso d'Artico, Italy, where the Louis Vuitton shoe collections are created is entrusted with the task of fabricating the parallel miniature versions for Fabrizio Viti’s private doll collection. The attention to detail is striking and in this short stop motion animation, his dolls and shoes come to life in another inspiring spectacle.

Protect Me From What I Want

two people who would never meet because of their backgrounds.
Directed by Dominic Leclerc
with Naveed Choudhry and Elliott Tittensor


ABSOLUT PURITY - A vision by Simon Schubert

In its perpetual quest for purity, ABSOLUT has called upon German artist Simon Schubert to create an extremely pure work of art.
Thanks to his expert technique of folding pieces of paper, Simon Schubert designs images with different perspectives by mastering shadows and light.
No ink, no paint, 100% cellulose paper

Clubfeet - Fall From Here

a video project with Alex Goddard.

Martin Margiela Champagne Bucket

Martin Margiela Line 13 champagne bucket. Made in mirror stainless steel, this 7-liter paint pail becomes a real champagne bucket.


“an egg and an apple who build competing broadcast towers that vie for the attention of a transistor radio” with a “narrative of animal evolution, competition and reproduction.”

Directed & Animated by Ben Richardson & Daniel Bird

Produced by Josh Hetzler

Story by Daniel Bird
Cinematography by Ben Richardson


James Blake - A Case of You

Directed by Seb Edwards and featuring Rebecca Hall

Milan Dreaming

Francesco Paciocco spent a few months living in Milan and make a short film that told a story about its people, places and essence.


North Korean Labor Camps in Russia

Kim Jong Il has come up with a new way to bring cold hard cash into his isolated country: export North Korean workers to slave away in the Siberian forest. VICE founder Shane Smith travels to Russia to investigate a chain of North Korean labor camps in the Amur region. But getting to these far-flung facilities means taking a long-haul on the Trans-Siberian Express, drinking a lot of vodka, and forging some peculiar alliances.

via VICE

Taxi Driver Sweded by Michel Gondry

Michael Pitt for Prada

Michael Pitt photographed by David Sims for Prada’s S/S 2012 menswear campaign.


Why do we allow these people continue to suffer for so long?

The Dark Knight Rises

Bane arrives in Gotham City.

directed by Christopher Nolan.

with Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

release date August 2012.


Above and Below

Manila is one of the most overpopulated places on Earth.
There are over 2000 families living above the dead in the Navotas Cemetery. Babies are born and the dead are buried in the same place.
Life goes on.

Shot and edited by Stefan Werc


Super 8

Permanent Ink

Internationally renowned tattooist Mo Coppoletta divulges the personal significances of being inked in this intricate profile by filmmaker Ryan Hope. Owner of influential London parlor A Family Business, Coppoletta has turned his dedication into a lifestyle, making international pilgrimages to be tattooed by those at the pinnacle of the craft. “For me the key to a brilliant documentary is to tell it through a brilliant character,” says Hope. “Mo has an amazing technique and dedication, he is an absolute purist. His energy and his style are beautiful.” Today’s short is an exclusive extract from Hope’s documentary Skin, which follows five skin-art collectors on their journey to be tattooed with designs created by major contemporary artists Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Raymond Pettibon, Jake and Dinos Chapman, and Richard Prince. Originally commissioned to accompany a Hedi Slimane photo shoot featuring the contemporary artists and collectors for Dasha Zhukova's Garage magazine, Hope redeveloped the original concept. “It seemed more interesting to tell the subject's story, rather than that of the artists themselves,” he says.

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Flight Facilities - Foreign Language feat. Jess

Flight Facilities retro video directed by Dimitri Basil.

Arcade Fire presents Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

A project by Vincent Morisset & friends.
An interactive version at Spraw II.

Ginzburg jewelry

"Life is big, but I like my jewelry even bigger"

This sentence perfectly captures Liat Ginzburg, her outlook on life, passion for jewelry, and unique, bold and fun-filled designs. Her daring statement pieces with their abundant use of color and electrifying style have quickly made her well-known across Israel.

Liat`s lines swept the Israeli fashion scene with stylists, journalists and celebrities alike clamoring to wear and feature her designs. Demand for her pieces has been rapidly growing ever since, with local fashion opinion leaders describing Liat Ginzburg as "the most promising and interesting jewelry and accessories designer in Israel".

The designs express a contemporary view on the 90`s fashion and club scene, and are characterized by bold colorfulness and blunt, “disharmonic” combinations. Her influences range from the night life scene, through her career researching and teaching about art, and all the way to her poem writing and art photography.

The jewelry pieces are made from vintage elements from the 70`s and the 80`s, which Liat collects on her travels in streets and markets around the world, as well various plastic, perspex, rubber and wood components. The pieces are handcrafted and come in limited edition, due to the rarity of these elements.

Liat GInzburg is now starting to become known internationally. Her designs have been showcased in Pret-A-Porter Paris The Box and Craft Boston, and featured in Grazia Paris, Vogue Italy and on Trinny and Susannah`s TV show and web. Her collections can be found in prestigious shops in Israel and in selected European stores.

We will be equal

GIF. ME. BERLIN. We will be equal - by Katja Hentschel

GIF. ME. BERLIN. Future Jump - by Katja Hentschel

GIF. ME. BERLIN. Future Push - by Katja Hentschel

GIF. ME. BERLIN. Future Clap - by Katja Hentschel

by Katja Hentschel, 2011 for GIF. ME. BERLIN., a photographic exhibition of animated GIFs.

A Very Calvin & Hobbes Christmas

Snowmen... On Ice!

Everything by Jim Frommeyer, Teague Chrystie, & Bill Watterson.


Koudlam - Alcoholic's Hymn

So addictive

it never ends

Brave New World

Alex Alvarez and Jospeh Bleu have created this film as a preview for their upcoming menswear editorial for Issue 9 of FAULT Magazine. Inspired by Huxley’s seminal work, Brave New World features items from Phillip Lim, Boglioli, Henrik Vibskov and more.


Dinos Chapman

Dinos Chapman, one half of the controversial contemporary art duo the Chapman Brothers, is the first interview of SHOWstudio 'In Your Face' series - a twist on the coaxing and cajoling tradition of coercive interviewing prevalent in art and fashion journalism that presents the interview as a confrontational conversation to profile a series of figures from the worlds of art, fashion and celebrity.

City of God

Two boys growing up in a violent neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro take different paths: one becomes a photographer, the other a drug dealer.

directed by Fernando Meirelles , Kátia Lund

With Alexandre Rodrigues, Matheus Nachtergaele, Seu Jorge, Daniel Zettel, Douglas Silva, Michel de Souza Gomes, Leandro Firmino da Hora, Phelipe Haagensen, Jonathan Haagensen, Alice Braga, Roberta Rodriguez Silvia, Darlan Cunha.

Zeitgeist 2011: Year In Review


Banksy updated

More in is outdoor section.

Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (Mulberry Session)

Lana Del Rey performed a live version of the title track off her forthcoming Born to Die release, at the legendary Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.

L.A.dy Dior The Film

A comedy directed by John Cameron Mitchell and starring French actress Marion Cotillard. The film is inspired by an amusing piece of footage shot by Richard Avedon in 1973 and stars supermodel and actress Lauren Hutton.


Pringle x Tilda Swinton x Alistair Carr

To celebrate the Scottish brands first season on thecorner.com, Swinton filmed this interview with the new creative director.

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Finók for Havaianas at Art Basel Miami 2011

Havaianas collaborated with world famous Brazilian graffiti artist, Finók at this year's Art Basel Exhibition in Miami Beach, Florida.

Strike the Pose

Supermodel, TV personality and newly published author Tyra Banks stars as the body-popping, face-pulling subject of Marcus Gaab’s new fashion short for the latest issue of I Love You Magazine. Transformed into an empowered jitterbug with flat-top hair, yolk-yellow eye shadow and an unashamedly 80s wardrobe, Banks danced spontaneously and made off-the-cuff emotive declarations of love (and hate!) in the low Los Angeles light. “I just told her to perform, do her thing and to stop when she felt like,” says Gaab. “But she didn’t stop, she kept on voguing. There was no rehearsal; she invented the whole thing while we were there.” Best known as the sassy and energetic host of guilty pleasure America’s Next Top Model and her self-titled chat show that ended in 2009, beneath the caricature Banks is a shrewd business woman, running a successful production company, attending Harvard Business School, and boasting a built-in brand that eclipses most ex-supermodels. “When I was a little girl and went to Disneyland, I didn’t know that all this was from Walt Disney,” said Banks, revealing her surprising idol. “That’s what I want to be. Me being behind the scenes, the business woman, creating new stars, products, projects.”

Fashion Credits:
Blouse and necklace Yves Saint Laurent
Cardigan Marc Jacobs
Necklace Patricia von Musulin
Shirt Paul Smith
Jacket Emporio Armani
Pants Yves Saint Laurent
Heels Pierre Hardy

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Peter Andrew

"I was drawn to these structures because they are easily overlooked and yet ubiquitous in most western cities. Everyday cars flow over these highway junctions like the concrete arteries of city’s cardiovascular system. I love having the chance to watch them moving while I am shooting from above. I ask the viewer to closely examine the traffic, terrain, and surrounding architecture in the images. My interest is in observing the differences seen between them. Some are slick and chaotic while others appear chipped-up and old but at the same time neat and symmetrical. This is an ongoing series that will soon feature the highway stacks of the State of Texas."

Chanel Pre-Fall 2012

Maharajas drink scotch.


Men of Distinction: Jean-Claude Homawoo

The Men of Distinction series is an on going conversation with men who create, explore, advocate and inspire. Each portrait looks into the world of a young man who is a game-changer in his respective field.

Jean-Claude Homawoo is the founder of Lineby - a new startup helping bloggers turn their sartorial skills into limited edition fashions. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School and is extremely passionate about entrepreneurship.

Presented by The Motley.

Ice Cube Celebrates The Eames for Pacific Standard Time

Ice Cube drives Inglewood boulevard describing the Los Angeles that he knows. He talks of landmarks like The Forum, Five Torches, Cockatoo Inn, Brolly Hut, and Watts Towers. He refers to the 110 as "Gangsta Highway". Cube says coming from South Central LA teaches you how to be resourceful. The video cuts to Cube walking the Eames House perimeter, through the Eames living room, and sitting in the Eames lounge chair. He brings us back to his NWA years when he studied architectural drafting before launching his rap career. One thing he learned that translates is to always have a plan. Cube describes the modern, green and resourceful building design of Charles and Ray Eames. Visionaries of connecting nature and structure. Cube ends by saying "Who are these people who got a problem with LA? Maybe they mad cuz they don't live here."


A Homage to the Mountains

MYKITA & Moncler both stand for innovative and unique products of the highest quality, coupled with traditionalist brand philosophies. These shared values inspired the two companies to join forces in a project which aims to explore new and untapped territories in the eyewear market.

In July 1954 Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni became the first men to conquer the second highest mountain in the world (K2). Equipped with oxygen, climbing spikes, mountaineer goggles and specially made down jackets by Moncler, the Italians reached the summit. Harking back to the origins of the former outfitter of Alpine expeditions, the collaboration resulted in two models whose material selection and design both take into account what were already key factors among mountaineers back then: modern 21st century sports goggles have to be light, durable and adjustable.

A homage to the mountain and its conquerors was created in the form of the two models, LINO and ACHILLE, which are suitable both for downhill runs and also as classic sunglasses for everyday use – they are sporty as well as the perfect everyday accessory. The frames are inspired by the look of 1950s Alpine goggles, which featured round lenses in metal rims with leather side pieces for ultimate protection against the light.

ACHILLE, with its straight top line and broad frame is the more avant-garde model of the pair, a retro-futuristic new look. LINO’s sweeping top line and slim frame make this model a modern counterpart to the glacier snow glasses of yesteryear. The swept-back frame edge in both unisex models reflects the look of that era; the original leather sections
on the sides and bridge to protect against the glare are today revisited via the flared frames.

A critical factor for the design process was the new material MYLON, developed and patented by MYKITA after years of research. The polyamide-based material is being used in eyewear production for the first time and displays the features of the desired attributes: light, extremely durable and individually adjustable to the wearer are the key advantages of this new material.

Red and blue are a throwback to the first Moncler down coats that were originally sold in those colours in the early 1960s. Both models are available in the colours Red/Red flash mirror, Blue/Blue flash mirror as well as in a classic Black/Black flash mirror, in each case with mirrored lenses in the same colour or alternatively with solid grey-tinted lenses. The frames are fitted with mineral glass lenses from traditional Italian manufacturer Barberini, boasting excellent durability and clarity of vision.

All lenses reveal the MYKITA & Moncler logo when breathed on. An anti-fog finish on the inside of the lenses plus an anti-scratch outer coating make these spectacles a top-calibre sporting companion. The glasses come with a padded sleeping bag style carry pouch for easy transport in addition to a black glasses case and box.

The models comprising the MYKITA & Moncler collaboration are available by Mid December 2011 only at
MYKITA shops and Moncler boutiques worldwide.

Video by Stefan Heinrichs and Samuel Perriard

Jens Kaesemann

Jens was born in Düsseldorf, Germany 1984. He worked as a photo assistant for several years and began shooting his own pictures. Now he lives and works in Hamburg as a freelance photographer.

All images © Jens Kaesemann