Daft Punk | Random Access Memories | The Collaborators: Chilly Gonzales

A look at the collaborators behind Random Access Memories,
the new album from Daft Punk.
Episode 6: Chilly Gonzales.

Empire Of The Sun - Alive

New album 'Ice on the Dune' Coming June 2013.

FROM DREAM TO REALITY - A film on Futur Absolu

A film on the visionary exhibition FUTUR ABSOLU of the artist Stephan Breuer - FLYING at the national museum of the Imperial Palace of Compiegne.
Discover the installation of "Prism Atemporal" a monumental immaterial light sculpture, the inauguration day and exclusive interviews by Diane Pernet as well as a private visit of the Palace and the first reactions to this unique art experience.

With Magali Alcaide, Eric Forman, Leslie Dubest, Jeff Mory, Brigitte Hedel Samson and Emmanuel Starcky.

Filmed by Jean Grand Clement
Music A Different Unfolding - Absolute White

Austra - Home


Miniature Melbourne

A short tilt-shift time-lapse film featuring the city of Melbourne, Australia. This piece is 10 months in the making and features a range of different events and festivals held in the city throughout the year.


Behind the Candelabra, trailer

Based on the autobiographical novel, the tempestuous 6 year romance between Liberace and his lover, Scott Thorson.

Director: Steven Soderbergh.

Writers: Richard LaGravenese.

Stars: Matt Damon, Michael Douglas, Rob Lowe, Dan Aykroyd, Debbie Reynolds, Scott Bakula, Paul Reiser.


Magic Hour - Artist Video Projects

MOCAtv presents a short film about LA. Look out for the flyer for the Urs Fischer Gala at MOCA prominently visible in the opening of the film.

Magic Hour is about isolation versus intimacy. Grey (Chloe Sevigny) is married and living in a home that is bathed in beauty and warmth. But, she is imprisoned by her own isolation. Los Angeles reinforces and adds to her stagnation, but the inability to connect lives inside of her. Her isolation is such that she can only open up to her husband when they are separated by a telephone. The reveal of this short vignette is that her husband has been right outside, on the other side of the wall, the whole time and she knows it.

Synopsis by Tatiana Von Furstenberg

Director Tara Subkoff
Starring Chloe Sevigny, Alexander Yulish
Screenplay Tatiana Von Furstenberg, Tara Subkoff
Executive Producer Tatiana Von Furstenberg
Producers Lisa Addario, Joey Syracuse, Tara Subkoff
Director of Photography Brian Rigney Hubbard
Production Designer Tara Subkoff
Art Director Rene Navarrette
Script Supervisor LuLu Syracuse
Hair and Make-Up Amber Kerns
Costume Design Chloe Sevigny Tara Subkoff
Paintings/Original Artwork Konstantin Kakanias
Greensmen Rene Navarrette LuLu Syracuse
Kid Actors in montage dream sequence LuLu Syracuse & Auggie Syracuse
Production Sound Mixer Phillip Bladh
Editor Elliott Traeger
Colorist Robert Curreri
Music Supervisor Serena Undercofler
Original Song "Madeleine" by Lissy Trullie

The Filth And The Fury

Documentary about the Sex Pistols directed by Julien Temple (2000).
The film tells the story from the viewpoint of the band members themselves.


Paul Cook
Steve Jones
John Lydon
Glen Matlock
Sid Vicious
Malcolm McLaren

David Bowie
Alice Cooper
Stewart Copeland
Ronnie Corbett
Bryan Ferry
Stephen Fisher
Alice Fox
Bill Grundy
Eric Hall
Benny Hill
Billy Idol
David Johansen
Nick Kent
Shane MacGowan
Freddie Mercury
New York Dolls
Laurence Olivier
Queen Elizabeth II
Roxy Music
Steven Severin
Siouxsie Sioux
Nancy Spungen
Rod Stewart
Andy Summers
Johnny Thunders
Helen Wellington-Lloyd


Nicolas Sassoon
Born in 1981 in Marseille France, currently lives and works in Vancouver, Canada.


Showreel 2013 - airV8

airV8 is specialized in close range aerial videography for film, TV, web and commercials, using remote-controlled multicopters.



MOOD INDIGO (L'Ecume des Jours) by Michel Gondry

With Audrey Tautou, Romain Duris, Gad Elmaleh and Omar Sy

In a world where you can travel around on a pink cloud or literally be swept off an ice-skating rink into a hole, Colin, a wealthy young man and inventor of the cocktail-mixing piano, wants to fall in love.

With the help of his cook Nicolas and best friend Chick, he meets Chloe, the incarnation of a Duke Ellington tune. But soon after their wedding, Chloe falls ill. She has a water lily growing in her chest.

Ruined by medical expenses, Colin resorts to increasingly desperate methods to save his beloved's life...

Sierra Leone's Natural Aphrodisiac

VICE correspondent Jordan Redaelli travels to Freetown, Sierra Leone, to learn about an indigenous drink called poyo. Poyo is said to hold mystical properties, bestowing money, power and fierce erections to those who drink it. Later, he hits the beach to mix up a poyo-infused cocktail. Let's hope the locals aren't too offended.


Daft Punk | Random Access Memories | The Collaborators: Panda Bear

A look at the collaborators behind Random Access Memories
the new album from Daft Punk.
Episode 5: Panda Bear.

The xx - Together

Y-3 Spring/Summer 2013 Interactive Campaign Film Intro

In 2013 adidas and Yohji Yamamoto celebrate ten years of Y-3, a collaboration based on seeming opposites combining adidas' sports technology and Yohji Yamamoto's design aesthetic. The communication campaign for Spring/Summer 2013 captures the essence of Y-3, led by photographer and director Pierre Debusschere, it explores the partnership of the opposed - the transmission of ideas from the two worlds of Japan and Germany.

The accompanying campaign film is a study of movement, distortion and transformation. Through a cutting edge interactive online interface located on the Y-3 website, the user will be able to engage with the video content and through manipulation of sound and image will compose their own audio-visual piece of art in real-time. All at the fingertips of the composer, the film pieces are distorted and deconstructed, mirrored and stretched, echoed and multiplied in kaleidoscopic patterns. Simultaneously the ambient music transforms within the synthetic experience.
Y-3 commissioned Tim Hecker, noted as one of the most preeminent figures currently making ambient music, to compose an original work exclusively for the Spring/Summer 2013 interactive video. By incorporating the audio-visual arrangements ACNE, Y-3's digital lead agency, conceptualized and crafted responsive, dynamic effects and created the full experience.
While choosing the film clips and experimenting with the audio-visual effects the composition can be recorded and shared online. The result is always unique and unexpected.

Creative Direction, Interactive Experience: ACNE
Creative Direction, Film: Lloyd & Co
Photographer: Pierre Debusschere
Video Director of Photography: Tosh Ozawa
Video Editor and Effects Artist: Loïc Maes
Music: Tim Hecker
Styling: Jay Massacret
Hair & Make-Up Artists: Esther Langham & Adrien Pinault
Models: Juliane Grüner & Guerrino Santulliana

Discover more at http://www.Y-3.com/film


The Death Penalty 2012

An animation created for the Amnesty International Death Penalty Statistics 2013 report. 'Death Sentences and executions in 2012'.

2013 - MAM - Keith Haring

Keith Haring The Political Line 
Musée d'art moderne de la Ville de Paris
11 avenue du Président Wilson


Divine Comedy trailer

Preview Robbie Spencer and Jeff Bark's Divine Comedy film inside
Robbie Spencer and Jeff Bark's

Stylesight Profiles: Edwin Jeans - Pierre Boiselle

With a history in jean production stretching back to 1947, Japanese denim brand Edwin have a long and storied heritage. Stylesight's denim team sits down with Edwin Europe's Pierre Boiselle at their Shoreditch flagship to discuss the evolution of the brand, Edwin's denim community and latest product developments for F/W 13.

The Director - 1st Official Trailer (2013) - James Franco, Gucci, Frida Giannini Documentary HD

An intimate portrait of Gucci's Creative Director, Frida Giannini, The Director spans 18 months behind the walls of the iconic Italian fashion house, exploring the intricacies and inspiration behind the quietly brilliant power woman, whose own evolution as the creative force behind force the brand is as nuanced as that of the storied fashion house itself.

Director: Christina Voros
Stars: Frida Giannini
Producer: James Franco

Studio: RabbitBandini Productions


Daft Punk feat Pharrell & Nile Rodgers - Get Lucky

Unofficial Video Clip

Jellyfish Eyes trailer

In his feature filmmaking debut, renowned visual artist Takashi Murakami transforms the classic cinematic trope of the new kid on the block into an epic genre-defying adventure. Having recently lost his father, young Masashi moves with his mother to a small city in the Japanese countryside. But when he discovers that their new apartment is already inhabited by a pint-sized, gravity-defying creature, Masashi begins to pull back the curtain on this sleepy town and finds that very little is what it appears to be. Unraveling a conspiracy that involves everything from remote-controlled avatars to crazed rival cults, Masashi discovers that he and his classmates are at the center of a nefarious experiment. Not only an accomplished artist but also a connoisseur of Japanese popular culture, Murakami packs his film with a delirious abundance of ideas and imagery. What other coming-of-age fantasy has tween romance, a role-playing battle royale, nuclear intrigue, rival doppelgangers, and a giant monster?

MGMT - Alien Days

The Other Side - The Carhartt WIP Heritage Line Spring/Summer 2013

Directed by Andy J Scott, "The Other Side" provides a behind the scenes look at the latest Carhartt Heritage photo shoot.

Shot in Los Angeles by photographer Nick Maggio along with the rest of his crew, they took the collection away from the stereotypical L.A backdrop to capture life in the shadows of the Hollywood Hills on the other side of the tracks.


INSIDE OUT: The People's Art Project TRAILER

This fascinating documentary tracks the evolution of the world's largest participatory art project, the wildly popular "Inside Out." Travel the globe with French artist JR as he motivates communities to define their most important causes by pasting giant portraits in the street, testing the limits of what they thought possible. In capturing the process, Alastair Siddons creates a glowing testament to the power of the image and the role that art can play in transforming lives.


Fundamental Agreement LUXURY

Lana Del Rey - Summer Wine

Louis Vuitton presents The Game Parade

Graphic artist Honet takes us on a psychedelic journey with this second part of our focus on Louis Vuitton and games.


Yohji Yamamoto is one of the few remaining timeless craftsmen and most fascinating personalities of
our time. He is globally admired and celebrated for his unique attitude and approach in
the fashion world, while being paradoxically reduced to it at the same time.

5 CUTS | A VISUAL DIALOGUE is a video installation centered around
the spirit of this man, and attempts to liberate him from the ever-present fashion spotlight.

The installation brought to life at MADE does not focus on Yohji Yamamoto’s extraordinary
skill in dressmaking. Rather, it shines an authentic and creative light behind the very
prominent façade of this visionary man.

Alexanderstrasse 7, 9th floor
10178 Berlin, Germany http://made-blog.com/" target="new"


Diane Pernet by Sofia Tchkonia

Interview, film with legendary Diane Pernet

Catherine Baba for NARS Cosmetics

NARS Cosmetics introduces a glimpse into the lives of two modern muses--Catherine Baba and Sarah Ruba. Personally selected by François Nars, these women truly embody the NARS brand.

Catherine, a Paris-based stylist known for her ode to accessories, tours the city on her iconic bicycle in sky-high heels, displaying her avant garde, fashion-filled lifestyle in this "film noir" style feature. This film was directed by Sandro Suppnig in Paris, France. Suppnig is known for his profound ability to convey an individual's mindset with an innate attention to detail.

Karl Lagerfeld: Zillions

Malcolm Venville's Crusade to Pose a Single Question to the Illustrious Designer at His Alpine Exhibition

There aren’t many people who you’d endure several flights, two long train journeys, exceedingly early wake-up calls and a soggy McDonald’s hamburger dinner to spend one minute with—but that’s how powerful the pull of fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld can be. And that pilgrimage is exactly what director Malcolm Venville undertook for a brief encounter with the Chanel and Fendi designer, artist, photographer and one-man cultural phenomenon in St. Moritz in February, where the polymath was revealing an exhibition at Galerie Gmurzynska. The series featured Lagerfeld’s new set of fire etchings on glass—based on portraits of his muses such as Theophilus London, Freja Beha Erichsen and Aymeline Valade—and evolved the Kaiser’s extraordinary photographic legacy, which has yielded not only a multitude of ad campaigns, but also groundbreaking books like The Metamorphosis of an American and The Beauty of Violence, both of which distilled the model-to-muse relationship, focusing respectively on male faces Brad Koenig and Baptiste Giabiconi. Navigating the alpine VIP frenzy, filmmaker Venville came straight up against the unrealistic expectations of the Kaiser’s media and creative schedule. Hence he delivered just one potent question, appealing to Lagerfeld’s savoir faire. “To borrow from Hamlet,” says Venville, “brevity is the soul of wit, and he couldn’t be more interesting in that respect.” The director would know, having helmed the films 44 Inch Chest starring John Hurt and Ray Winstone and Henry’s Crime with Keanu Reeves. “I felt there was a lot of power in his answer,” he says of Lagerfeld. “It’s all about the artistic process being intuitive and spontaneous.”


Snap - Motion to Light Wakeboarding - Red Bull Illume 2013

The boundaries dividing sport and art are blurred in this collaboration between Red Bull and Snap! Orlando. Mike Dowdy, Adam Errington, and Dallas Friday strap lights to their wakeboards and join with light painter, Patrick Rochon, in an effort to capture the inherent emotion and creativity of athleticism.

Alice Roi Spring 2013' Fashion Film Le Retour

The gorgeous Amira Ahmed stars in 'The Return' for Alice Roi's comeback collection.

The XX @ Coachella 2013


Daft Punk | Random Access Memories | The Collaborators: Pharrell Williams

A look at the collaborators behind Random Access Memories
the new album from Daft Punk. 
Episode 4: Pharrell Williams.

Harmony Korine

Snort it up, shoot it down, set it on fire: chatting with the ultimate Spring Breaker

Fifteen years ago the waifish, unkempt figure of a 23-year-old Harmony Korine graced the cover of Dazed. Its accompanying story included pictures of him lifting his top, flicking his nipple and scrawling the word ‘Harm’ in pen across the teal-green backdrop of the set. The interview, conducted by group editorial director Jefferson Hack, coincided with the release of Korine’s second film Gummo and included the now-prophetic statement from the young man that: “In another 10 or 15 years, the people that understand and appreciate my work will be in positions of power, but for now, the bourgeois fuckers must die.” 
Cue the arrival of Spring Breakers in 2013 with its portrayal of middle America in the clutches of a coke, E and guncrime habit. The balaclava-clad girls are played by Disney princesses, the guys resemble the contestants of MTV’s From G’s to Gents and the soundtrack is provided by Skrillex. It’s sensationalist and strangely realistic at the same time; knowing, smart, populist and poetic. But can a film really afford to be any other way in a world where the distinction between low and high culture no longer exists? Korine doesn’t seem to think so, as we put on our balaclvas and caught up ahead of the UK release of Spring Breakers, and let you ask him questions on Twitter, below. 

How did you manage to capture the mindset of a teenage girl so successfully?
I don’t know. I just invented the characters and then started to get into the mind. I went back to Spring Break two years ago to write this, but when I grew up I was just skateboarding and stuff, I never went. It was pretty common in the States and especially in the South where I grew up so I guess I was trying to get away from that. 

Could you get girls like the Spring Breakers girls when you were younger? Or is the film some kind of wish fulfilment?
Yeah of course. I was just boning spring breakers when I was a teenager. I was just boning them left and right. That’s all I did. 

Do you still skate?
I do but it’s weird, you know, sucking at something you used to be ok at. I don’t enjoy being shitty at anything really. 

Britney features heavily in the film. Did that come from a genuine love of her and her music?
Yeah and also those characters genuinely love her. When Alien starts singing her music in that sequence I think it’s pretty genuine, for sure. I think that song goes with the movie in that, on the surface, it’s a beautiful, morose pop ballad and it’s airless and haunting. But underneath it there’s something much more aggressive and pathological so it lends itself to violent imagery. 

Is the film a portrait of ecstasy as well? 
The drug? Well the movie’s meant to work in a similar way to drugs. It has a drug effect or a physical component. That’s what I was trying to get at, that idea of being in a kind of trance or transcendence, with peak moments that sort of dissolve into black. I don’t know if it’s specifically ecstasy, or any specific drug. It’s an overall kind of hypnotic pop poem. 

There is pill-popping in Kids but it seems to be a lot more illicit. Where has America’s recent love for ecstasy come from? 
The collective unconscious. You just want to snort it all up, shoot it down, lick it, set it on fire, fuck it. I mean it’s everywhere. 

Has brostep and dubstep taken the place of death metal in your films? 
Again, I wanted to create a liquid narrative or some type of energy so the music and sound design needed to have that physical component. Skrillex provides a sort of energy that drives the film. It’s also very much connected to the culture of Spring Break. 

The film is definitely an accurate portrayal of now. How did you create something that was so reactive? 
You feel something, it’s in the air, it’s energy and it becomes tangible and you just pluck it out. I started to notice that there were all these connections between the language in the film and music and drugs and there was a kind of specific vernacular and a hidden language that I was starting to pick up on. I was trying not to differentiate between high and low culture. I was just trying to see things in a way that was more explosive and more dynamic because it’s wasn't about making sense of what is good and bad. But there’s no real underground culture anymore. Everything’s up for grabs. The film, in some ways, is a mash-up and reinterpretation of all those things and for that reason, it’s more pure. 

And James Franco’s character isn’t based on RiFF RAFF?
It wasn’t based on anyone, it’s not based on anything specific. It was an amalgamation of a classic American archetype, a regional white, southern gangster with black mannerisms, but different: he’s also a sociopath and a clown and a poet. He plays shape shifter like a gangster mystic or something. 

Has Werner Herzog seen the film yet?
Yeah Herzog’s seen it a bunch of times. In fact he would sit in on the edit because I was editing it LA and he would sit in all the time while I was cutting it. I think he loves it. 

You were close to Ol’ Dirty Bastard before he died. How does Gucci Mane compare to him? 
I think they’re both on equal footing. They’re both what makes America great. It can create characters like them, artists like Gucci and Ol’ Dirty. They’re both pure charisma. Gucci man is like a trap god Frank Sinatra and Ol’ Dirty was kind of like… Mr. Bojangles [laughs]. Ol’ Dirty was amazing. There’s no one like him. There has never been anyone like him. He was incredible.

via Dazed Digital

OBEY THE GIANT - The Story of Shepard Fairey

This film is based on the true story of Shepard Fairey's first act of street art during his time at Rhode Island School of Design from 1989-1992. A Special Branch production
Director: Julian Marshall
Producer: Andrew Gisch
Director of Photography: David Vollrath
Writer: Alex Jablonski
Executive Producers:
Bonnie Cohen
Robin Greenspun
Danny Greenspun
Ankur Jain
Nicholas de Kwiatkowski
Stephen Luczo
Gregory Marks
Julian Marshall
Lydia Marshall
Michael Marshall
Amy Palmer
Andy Palmer
Learned Vices
Shepard Fairey: Josh Wills
Buddy Cianci: Keith Jochim
Jonah: Tom O'Neill
Dean Carter: Patrick Collins
Ray DeLeo: Frank Vollero
Ella: Elizabeth Roberge
Associate Producers:
Andreas Nicholas
Lawrence Bassin
Cameron Morton
Joseph Hall
Jonathan Shriftman
Jake Medwell
Keith Eckle
Julian Mulvey
Michael Barry
Heather Paxton
Kimberly De Los Angeles
Kendall Dunaway
Production Designer: Dustin Sohn
Art Director: Matt Vidalis
Assistant Art Director: Ian Glover
Set Decoration: Sarah Hill Richmond
Editor: Alex Jablonski and Julian Marshall
Score: Nick Garcia
Wardrobe: Deborah Newhall
1st AC: Darryl Byrne
2nd AC: Matthew Hedges
Gaffer: Frans Wetterings
Best Boy Electric: Jason Bowen
Key Grip: Frank Montesanto
Best Boy Grip: Joe Battista
Dolly Grip: PJ Hand
Sound Mixer: Jason Fyrberg
Boom Operator: Ryan Baker
UPM: Jim Bird
1st AD: Cameron Morton
2nd AD: Katie Kramer
2nd 2nd AD: Stephen Turro
Supervising Sound Editor: Rabb Whitehead
Hair & Makeup: Gina Ferrucci
Script Supervisor: Jackie Kamel
This film was supported by a handful of very generous individuals, Kickstarter, and Learned Vices
OBEY THE GIANT was Julian Marshall's thesis film at Rhode Island School of Design in 2012. It is a film about RISD students, made by RISD students.


Supernatural Candice Swanepoel for Muse - The summer issue 2012

Candice Swanepoel for Muse Summer 2012, The summer issue photographed by Mariano Vivanco and filmed by Pier Nicola Bruno @ NYC


New Zealand Landscapes Timelapse

The Kiss

Good things should last forever. We're very proud of our work for Vodafone; directed by Frederic Planchon through Academy, created by Nils Leonard and Leo Rayman and creatively directed by Jonathan Marlow.



adidas Originals | A-Trak × So Me

A-Trak and So Me blowing up in a colossal collision.

Sonomorphic Mirror

Couturier Iris van Herpen joins forces with Nick Knight and Daphne Guinness to create a new Crystallization dress during a live broadcast on 3rd - 9th April 2013. Knight will capture Guinness being splashed with black and clear water using high speed cameras, and then offer up the footage as reference imagery for van Herpen to create a one-of-a-kind water dress. During a week long live broadcast, SHOWstudio will showcase van Herpen's ability to combine archaic crafts with futuristic technologies to create a shape shifting garment that defies logic. All the while, viewers from across the globe can put their questions to the designer and probe her inspirations, techniques and aspirations.

Artist Geoffrey Lillemon and sound artist Salvador Breed will also participate in the initiative and use Knight's footage to create a film and soundscape to accompany van Herpen's dress. In a final climax, Knight will shoot Guinness in the completed dress live on camera. Iris Van Herpen's dress will be viewable to the public in SHOWstudio's recently launched gallery venture, the SHOWcabinet, from June. The outcome of the project will be presented this autumn at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.


Prada presents a film by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola starring Léa Seydoux
Introducing the new fragrance Prada Candy L'Eau


Simon Killer

A recent college graduate flees to Paris after a break-up, where his involvement with a prostitute begins to reveal a potentially dark recent past.

Directed by Antonio Campos 

with Brady Corbet, Lila Salet, Mati Diop, Etienne Rotha Moeng, Yannis Calonnec.

The VICE Guide to North Korea

Getting into North Korea was one of the hardest and weirdest processes VICE has ever dealt with. After we went back and forth with their representatives for months, they finally said they were going to allow 16 journalists into the country to cover the Arirang Mass Games in Pyongyang. Then, ten days before we were supposed to go, they said, “No, nobody can come.” Then they said, “OK, OK, you can come. But only as tourists.” We had no idea what that was supposed to mean. They already knew we were journalists, and over there, if you get caught being a journalist when you’re supposed to be a tourist, you go to jail. We don’t like jail. And we’re willing to bet we’d hate jail in North Korea. But we went for it. The first leg of the trip was a flight into northern China. At the airport, the North Korean consulate took our passports and all of our money, then brought us to a restaurant. We were sitting there with our tour group, and suddenly all the other diners left, and these women came out and started singing North Korean nationalist songs. We were thinking, Look, we were just on a plane for 20 hours. We’re jet-lagged. Can we just go to bed? but this guy with our group, who was from the LA Times, told us, “Everyone in here besides us is secret police. If you don’t act excited, then you’re not going to get your visa. So we got drunk and jumped up onstage and sang songs with the girls. The next day we got our visas. A lot of people we had gone with didn’t get theirs. That was our first hint at just what a freaky, freaky trip we were embarking on…

— VICE Founder Shane Smith



The Serbian-born artist and designer reveals the origins of her inspiration and the everyday poetry of a creative life.

Directed by Andrew Neel
Produced by Callie Barlow & Tom Davis
Director of Photography: Ethan Palmer
Sound by Michael Silvestri
Edited by Matt Burke
Music by Devendra Banhart
Additional Music by Jonn Ollsin


Harry Koushos


Slow Knights - Shame

Musician Derek Gruen (or Del Marquis to Scissor Sisters fans) and director Edward Paul Quist exclusively release the video for 'Shame', a dark track taken from Gruen's new musical collective Slow Knights' debut album 'Cosmos'. The song's emotive exploration of feeling used and rejected is mirrored in the film's strong visuals, which focus on creating a 'cyclical digital prison of fear'.

Boys Beware



To celebrate its 60th anniversary, EASTPAK reveals its origins in this heritage film, showcasing the evolution which has made it the authentic urban lifestyle brand we know today.

The film conveys the milestones in the development of the brand's world-famous expertise and its meteoric rise from supplying American soldiers in 1952, to being today the leading lifestyle brand of bags for urban consumers.


In the 50s, EASTERN CANVAS INC. signs a contract with the Pentagon to supply high quality bags and safety equipment to the US army. The company establishes its expertise by creating hard-wearing products tailored to the military's highest standard of materials and construction. For a soldier, product quality can mean the difference between life and death.

From the 60s onwards, the company produces millions of iconic army duffel bags for American GIs.


In the 70s, cool students on American campuses begin to wear army type bags, and in 1976 EASTERN CANVAS starts producing a range of bags and luggage for the college consumer market, thus creating EASTPAK.

The brand's first iconic pieces are produced in Seattle, and, confident in its high military manufacturing standards it introduces its long term warranty on its consumer products.

Throughout the 80s, EASTPAK takes over American campuses from coast to coast.

In 1985, Marty MCFLY adopts the brand's future classic, the PADDED RETURNITY, for his adventures in BACK TO THE FUTURE.

At the same time, EASTPAK becomes the first bag manufacturer to add flashy colors and all-over prints to its collections. It is also the first in the industry to use provocative and quirky ads in lifestyle magazines and on MTV. These campaigns have an impact on an entire generation.


The 90s see EASTPAK graduate to the city. The brand's aficionados take it to the urban jungle, and EASTPAK becomes a fully-fledged urban lifestyle brand. The urban playground fuels EASTPAK's creativity without distancing itself from its core values of quality and design.

The years 2000s herald EASTPAK's iconic collaborations with world-famous artists, designers, musicians and celebrities, including Kris Van Assche, Raf Simons, BLESS, Wood Wood, Colette, A.P.C., Gaspard Yurkievich, Ed Banger...

Today an urban lifestyle brand rich of its heritage, EASTPAK constantly seeks to offer products tailored for city life, and remains proud of being authentic since 1952.

Directed by- John Carriere
Music - STAL
GRAND BLANC / Artist management & music publishing.

Time-Lapse | Earth



James Blake - Voyeur

Taken from the album 'Overgrown' out 8th April.
Animation by Tobias Revell and Ferry Gouw 

Daft Punk | Random Access Memories | The Collaborators: Giorgio Moroder

A look at the collaborators behind Random Access Memories
the new album from Daft Punk. 
Episode 1: Giorgio Moroder.

Beijing Punk Banned in ChinaTrailer

Shaun Jefford gets banned in China in the movie Beijing Punk.

When the Olympics came to China the world spotlight turned to a country synonymous with human rights abuse and by any measure a totalitarian police state. But under the surface is a growing movement of punks and misfits, the irony of which is not lost on the filmmakers as they roam this rebellious sub culture a scratch under the surface of bustling Beijing.

“In comic, feature doc “Beijing Punk” a film crew follows underground punks through Communist China in the year of the Olympics. Already stricken from internet searches in China, Beijing Punk is likely to make the list of official banned films by the time of it’s release”

Breaking News: This trailer now blocked in China.

Featured bands include Misandao, Demerit, Hedgehog, The Gar, PK14, Candy Monster and Joyside.

Beijing Punk a feature documentary by Shaun Jefford.

available from beijingpunkfilm.


Directed by Christian Oita
Styling by Simon Foxton
Summer 2013 edition of British GQ Style


Finns of Thunder Bay

Waves of immigrants from Finland have arrived on Canadian shores over the past century, making Thunder Bay the most Finnish city beyond the Baltic.