John Waters - This Filthy World

The creator of Pink Flamingos, Hairspray, Serial Mom, in a excellent stand-up focuses on his early negative artistic influences and his fascination with true crime, exploitation films, fashion lunacy, and the extremes of the contemporary art world.


Berlin City Report

In the third in our series on non-profit spaces, talks to three organisations in Berlin: Kunst-Werke, PRAXES and New Theater


Favela Painting Project

"It is our dream to paint an entire hillside favela and create a social artwork of epic size. Spreading pride and optimism, creating jobs and attract attention in a positive way. Local people will be hired and trained, hundreds of houses plastered and painted, an entire neighborhood mobilized to transform their own community into an artwork that will become a monument for the people in the favelas of Brazil. The Favela Painting organization is independent, works with a local base and hopes to finance this amazing project through crowdfunding, making it a true community project! Please help to realize this dream!" 

Be part of this work of art at Favela Painting.



Shake off all the worries on your mind and smile! The dogs featured in SHAKE are simply here to offer you a couple minutes of wonder and laughter. :)
SHAKE is based on a photography series of the same name by co-director Carli Davidson. The work was inspired by her own dog Norbert, whose drool she regularly cleans off walls due to his own frequent shaking.
In 2012 the Variable team stumbled upon Carli Davidson's photo-series-gone-viral, "SHAKE", and immediately fell in love with the images of dogs that she was able to capture. The combination of innocence and ridiculousness had us all hysterically laughing, and of course thinking; "We NEED to meet this Carli and bring her images to life!" Fortunately for us, Carli responded to our enthusiastic e-mail with an even more enthusiastic e-mail stating that she was totally down to collaborate and had a very similar vision! After months and many meetings of trying to figure out how we could even afford to make this film, we all just decided to empty our pockets, pull some serious strings, and make the video purely for the fun of it.
If you are fans of the video, there is a very good chance you will enjoy the book as well. Check it out on the link below and please consider supporting our awesome friend Carli. This is her first book, and we are certain it won't be her last!


The Grand Budapest Hotel

The story of  M. Gustave, a concierge at the Grand Budapest, and his loyal “lobby boy” Zero Moustafa, who becomes his most trusted friend. 

 Directed by Wes Anderson

cast with Ralph Fiennes, Tony Revolori,  Edward Norton,  Owen Wilson,  Jude Law,  Bill Murray,  Willem Dafoe,  Léa Seydoux,  Tilda Swinton,  Adrien Brody,  Jeff Goldblum,  Jason Schwartzman,  Harvey Keitel.


Fabio Novembre for la Rinascente

There are no assembly instructions for our personality. We build our model kit day by day, listening to good advices and following sweet dreams.



Fantastic Man x Dior Homme.
A dazzling compendium of modern motion in weekly Friday instalments.


Surkin - Oedo 606

Excerpt from Surkin - Advanced Entertainment System (Deluxe Edition)
Out now on iTunes.
Includes remixes by French Fries, Sam Tiba, Boston Bun & Myd, Samo Sound Boy.

Directed by Sanghon Kim
Produced by Division

This is a modern tribute to "Powers Of Ten" by Charles and Ray Eames.