REVERBERATION - Pavilion of Light and Sound

Palazzo Pisani Conservatory
Venice, Italy 
Designed by the Pritzker Prize Shigeru Ban

"When enveloping together a space using the minimum material and power, a tensile structure* is ideal. To cut out a space surrounded by the narrow historical facade of Palazzo Pisani, I have used acrylic sheets for the exterior of the pavilion, and allowed them to hang in a natural suspension, creating a parabola.

The first time I saw the palette of clé de peau BEAUTÉ, the dark blue colors looked to me like a tile that reflects and absorbs light. So I've taken this case and stuck them on both sides of the acrylic sheets, spaced in 9 mm gaps, just like tiles.

They reflect light, and make darkness in the interior and through the spaces between them, a wavering light which is characteristic of Venice, flows into the structure reflected from surface of the water functioned as a fixed weight.

When I stood in the courtyard of the Palazzo Pisani Conservatory, I heard sounds from out of nowhere. These sounds were not music per se, but rather a component of the unique environment of this space.

This is a space filled with mysterious light and shadows, and harmonious sounds. This is not makeup applied to a historical facade, but rather a method for drawing out the charm of the existing context.

*Tensile structure: A structure that maintains stability not through pressure and flexion, but instead is held together by tension
." -
Shigeru Ban


Even Cowboys Get to Cry - A film by Mees Peijnenburg

At 18-years-old, Sven and Gijs are best friends on the cusp of adventure: clubbing, meeting girls, planning their trip to South America on motorbikes. No one can stop them. But just like that, the fragility of life rushes towards them when Gijs is put into a coma after intervening in a fight to protect Sven.

Even Cowboys Get to Cry illustrates the rapid and ruthless coming-of-age for the boys, propelled into adulthood by an accident that brings fear, guilt, anger and the precariousness of their friendship. It’s the graduation film of Amsterdam-born Mees Peijnenburg of the Netherlands Film Academy, exploring the reality of friendship, growing up and painful emotion.

“I recalled a sentence my best friend told me when we were 12-years-old,” says director Peijnenburg. “He told me back then that if you never cry, your tears will dry and so you could never cry again. As a 12-year-old I really thought this could be true, since I didn't cry so much.

When life gets real, and pain is around the corner, everybody is swiped away by tears. Even cowboys, the symbol of the alpha male.”

Peijnenburg captures a story close to him, that happened to people he knew. While playing with the plot, the ‘emotional rollercoaster’ that he witnessed is raw and real.

Sven and Gijs find each other again, but the journey ahead is long. “I wanted to make an homage to friendship,” he explains. “Show people the fighting spirit inside people’s emotions when it comes to those you really care about.”

via Dazed


Save Kids Lives

The 7th October signifies International Walk to School day. The day promotes the fact that walking and bicycling to school is fun, healthy, promotes a cleaner environment, promotes safety and has clear community benefits. As we know, all around the world, many children do not make it school. In fact over 500 children are killed everyday on the world's roads. We encourage you to celebrate International Walk to School Day by signing the Child Declaration for Road Safety.

Matching Numbers

Directed by Xavier Veilhan
Created for La 3e Scène, new digital platform of the Opéra national de Paris.
Music by Zombie Zombie


Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

London-born fashion designer Lee Alexander McQueen (1969 - 2010) was renowned for his conceptually daring and beautifully crafted ensembles. His theatrical catwalk shows are now the stuff of fashion legend, and his work remains hugely influential. In this film, McQueen’s friends, family and contemporaries reflect on the life and extraordinary career of fashion’s ultimate ‘enfant terrible’.


Tom Ford Womenswear SS 2016

Directed by Nick Knight features Lady Gaga alongside models Mica Arga, Lexi Bolling, Kayla Scott, Xaio Wen Ju, Valery Kaufman, Aymeline Valade, Lida Fox, Lucky Blue Smith, Alex Dunstan, David Agbodji and Tarun Nijjer.
I Want Your Love, vocals by Lady Gaga, featuring Nile Rodgers and produced by Riot City.