Infused with Imagination

The first chapter in a new global campaign from Bombay Sapphire, 'Infused with Imagination,' the imagination installation is a specifically commissioned three-dimensional visual artwork representing the essence and character of Bombay Sapphire.

The campaign is born out of the rich heritage and story of the product itself; infusion is linked to the innovative production process of Vapour Infusion used in the making of the gin and imagination relates to the brand's story, from the launch of the pioneering blue bottle to the botanicals that give Bombay Sapphire its unique, balanced and uplifting taste.

Inspired by the word 'Infused' and constructed using the unique imagination of a design team including up-and-coming illustrator Yehrin Tong and renowned photographer, Richard Foster, the Imagination Installation is a dramatic but elegant testimonial to the brand in Tong's distinctive illustrative style. Incorporating elements that represent the product, the 3D piece has been intricately created with over 75,000 sparkling crystals, all meticulously applied by hand and taking over 2,500 hours to fashion. The installation embodies the timeless elegance, luxury and craftsmanship of Bombay Sapphire.

Behind the Scenes


Priti Baiks

Pretty, alternative and unique from Panama. A great series of photographs by José Castrellón.


Lindsay Lohan – A portrait by Richard Phillips

Lindsay has an incredible emotional and physical presence on screen that holds an existential vulnerability, while harnessing the power of the transcendental – the moment in transition. Phillips said in a statement. “She is able to connect with us past all of our memory and projection, expressing our own inner eminence.”

American Apparel

Directed by photographer Tony Kelly for American Apparel, featuring world renowned breakdancers Jalen Testerman and Lil Demon



Written and performed by Dominique Dibbell (of the Five Lesbian Brothers), "Lady" is gender confusion at its best! The exact identity of Lady's red-headed protagonist is hard to pin down. Is she a woman playing a man playing a woman, or, more specifically, a lesbian playing http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifa gay man playing a heterosexual woman? The juxtaposition of various cinematic styles in the film, from quasi-'70s variety to home movies to a more distanced black and white, adds to the sense of a character continually redefining herself. This purposeful ambiguity--who is the lad in the red wig?--invites the audience to question the blurred parameters of sexuality, desire and what it means to be a woman.

Ira Sachs 1993 28 min. USA

via Frameline


Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project


Born into a world of numbers, an oppressed zero discovers that through determination, courage, and love, nothing can be truly something.


A track for Sunday

Lover Lover - Freebirds

hope pass by, on a train

On June 5, 1968 Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in Los Angeles while campaigning for the presidential candidacy in the United States of America. Following this tragic occurrence, his body was flown to NYC where a large memorial was held. His body was then transported by train to Washington, DC for its final resting place at Arlington National Cemetery.

On June 8, 1968, photographer Paul Fusco was aboard the train shooting photographs for Look Magazine. Thousands upon thousands of mourners from all walks of life lined the tracks to pay their respects and Fusco shot over 2000 photos of them.