Ordinary Weirdos

What is this?

OrdinaryWeirdos is a revolutionary new website offering groundbreaking entertainment that combines people watching with digital art. Through the use of cinematography, motion graphics, humor, and considerable amounts of creativity, we hope to provide a digital experience that will make you laugh, cry, look away in disgust, as well as put a smile on your face.

What exactly is an “Ordinary Weirdo”?

We are all Ordinary Weirdos when you come right down to it. Being weird or ordinary are not bad things at all. The name “Ordinary Weirdos” itself can be thought of as an oxymoron. There is nothing ordinary per se about a weirdo, but there are plenty of ordinarily weird people out there. We are all unique and weird.

Who are you guys?

We are a team of cinematographers, artists, and creative individuals seeking to bring a new type of entertainment to the world. Original idea by Brant Walker.

What if I appear in a video, and I want it taken down?

While OrdinaryWeirdos does not take down or remove any videos, we will consider blurring out your face from a video.

How do I get my face blurred out?

Please email all blur-out requests to blurmeout(at)ordinaryweirdos.com, and we will consider blurring your face out. We will look at each request on a per- case basis. Make sure you give us a good explanation as to which video you appear in, why you would like your face blurred out, an included screenshot of yourself in the video, AND INCLUDE A SEPARATE PICTURE OF YOURSELF AS AN ATTACHMENT so we can verify/identify you are the person you say you are.

Are you making money off of this?

We are not making any money off this. In order to keep this legal, we are not allowed to use any of this content for commercial purposes. That means there will be no books, shirts, DVDs, etc… That also means you will not see a video of yourself popping up for sale on other websites around the internet. It is not our intent to profit from other people’s misfortunes. However, if you support our work, we encourage you to make a donation so we can continue to bring you a high level of entertainment. All donations will be used to fund equipment, hosting, bandwidth, travel, and other expenses used to make these videos. We are a not- for- profit startup creating art for enjoyment, at no cost to anyone around the world.