Canali: Contours

Job Wouters Illustrates a Typographic Journey for the Italian Tailor

Celebrating the launch of Canali’s new digital platform, Job Wouters creates 80 calligraphic pieces for the fashion house in today’s film. Featuring an online journal of menswear inspiration entitled L’Edizione, the Canali website launch reflects the brand's blend of craft and modernity. A specialist in tailor made luxury since 1934, the family run business is dictated by a crisp minimalism and handcrafted heritage that is embodied in Amsterdam-based artist Wouters’ meticulous typographic work. “As a youth I was very interested in graffiti and a love for typography was born,” says the award-winning illustrator, whose first monograph was published under the pseudonym Letman in 2012. “I wanted to train my hand in many different styles as I can control my manual tools better than their digital counterparts.” In the past year, Wouters has shown his elaborate mural messages on walls in Paris, Moscow, Helsinki and Milan. “My love of letters began on the wall and it’s starting to go back there,” he says. “It feels so free.