Out of body - Vogue Italia

"I'd like to find a superficial, theatrical, meaningless way,
of escaping from needs, an elegant escapology;
so i'm not forced to always search for a meaning, even when there is none.

Director: Roberto Ortu, Marcello Junior Dino
Executive producer: Alessandra Sutto
Starring: Tanya Gervasi @ Women
Camera and editing: Roberto Ortu
Fashion Editor: Marcello Juniro Dino
Assistant stylist: Alessandra Piva
Make up: Kassandra Frua de Angeli
Hair Stylist: Sarah Mierau
Manicurist: Serena Alaimo
Set Designer: Andrea Sofi
Assistant: Luca Rossi
Voice over: Silvia Inglese
Special thanks to: Sharon Reichel and Thibault Kunz
Tanya wears: Ter et Bantine, Costume National, Shourouk, Anve
Music: Cabaal - Out of body