Аna Kraš: Bombonice

The Serbian designer takes a cultural tour of Belgrade for Aaron Rose.

While a fast-rising presence in the design world, Аna Kraš shies away from overthinking her creative approach. An offbeat personal style, coveted by fashion and music industry collaborators, reflects the hyper-intuitive approach that she applies to her artisanal furniture line. From ‘Bonbons,’ the multicolored lantern lampshades she makes with leftover cotton, to her gallery-exhibited drawings that echo medieval architecture, the influence of Kraš’s native Serbia is never far away.

In the third installment of MINI’s The Cultural series, the New York-based creative travels to Belgrade to explore the cultural traditions that influence her work. The Aaron Rose-directed short is an architectural tour of the Serbian capital and playfully captures Kraš’s magpie spirit. “Most things happen to me because I wasn’t making a plan,” she says. “Rather, I was going with the flow.

All of the films in The Cultural ascribe to the idea that our biggest decisions in life should be made by following our gut instincts.