This first part of the Autumn Winter 2015 fashion show continues Prada’s analysis of the relationship between men and women. What are the unexpected possibilities, the various relationships, that may occur between the way men and women can or would dress? The way they represent themselves? This is a subject always under investigation.

The influences of one upon the other are non-linear, asymmetrical, unobvious but always profound. Gender is a context and context is often gendered. At times, the extra inspiration comes, ultimately, from women bur it can also happen the other way around.

Such similarities and differences are the spirit being presented here and lead to cross- references of an idea and the freedom to interpretation.

These shows are the perfect moment to analyze this subject more deeply to measure what the genders share, what they take from each other.

Everyday life reminds us of the many nuanced and porous exchanges that have historically proliferated in the gender field and obviously in life.

Today, more than ever, it is an evolving and essential spirit for the coming Prada seasons.